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  1. Can't download the game.

    i got this shit error too,,n always got e2018
  2. Blade Master is the Weakest

    pvp or pve? imo u must undstading ur bm, if u feel enjoy play this character..i belive u will rise evrthing. cek this video from jeosung, they play many character, in this video bm lvl 45 hm1 i think, but he can raise to diamond rank with ping over 200ms. and i play from sea with ping over 230ms, i still raise to
  3. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    yeahh its truly normal. much easy to go with ur clan or u buddys, i think
  4. im very love my BM, in ru server or this server.. but I feel weak if you do not have the skill legendary block. In PvE and PvP. what anyone agree with this?