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  1. Where on earth does it say that? On the page that doesn't exist anymore? Certainly doesn't say it on the page that drives you toward the "registration button": http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/get-a-free-gunslingers-satchel/ Some real solid decision making went into this. From announcement until no longer available? 5 days. FIVE DAYS. Considering this is something you'd probably like to entice new and returning players with, it's super questionable to have such a small window, and then on top of that, the ONLY PLACE where it tells you how long you have to do it is on the VERY PAGE you actually register. Which, of course, doesn't say anything at all anymore. The news articles, tweets, and whatever the hell that tell you to go to the page to register? Nothing. If the mission here was to get people interested only to have them become super frustrated with not being able to get it, in the hopes they might come to the web site then decide the customer service sucks so bad they don't want to play the game after all, certainly well played. I was going to be a returning player, but instantly I just hate you guys so bad I'm not even going to bother. Thanks for jerking me around right from the get, so I don't waste my time.