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  1. I'd like to personally thank everyone for not yet ruining the ability to post your own gifs and images onto BNS forums like so many has ruined the profile pics in game. I've seen many sites take down the ability to post your own images and gifs because people would constantly abuse it.
  2. Meh, just got the Enlightened Belt drop today. Total runs ran - 3.
  3. That's what I'm currently doing to be honest. Si, I've seen many games turn sour, starting with the same problems like BNS and it all ended horribly. They took action wayyyy too late their reputation ruined and play base shriveled to nothing.
  4. No one is looking to reduce their player base, just the botters, cheaters/hackers, and afkers. Any suspended account will be sent through an admin to ensure that it was a justifiable and non-selfish suspension. Any who this is simply satire why are you going to rag on this?
  5. I'll do the same job but for $9.99 and I'll suspend accounts for afking/botting. Screw your "need to prove" policy. I'll clear SSP, I'll clear everything. Give me the power and the money, BNS and we'll get the game going in places you want it to go. Governments, business and their due process laws are so inefficient now a days just take a step in the right direction.
  6. y'know what sucks? Trying to buy hongmoon coins @ 1:17 each with pages long of 1 gold offers. Y'know what sucks? The lack of end game content in this game. Y'know what's stupid? Continuing to play when you see that this game has a real odd, and risky future. The same Twitch streamers who got me started playing this quit a couple months back because they knew this was not a good game, decent at best. Hol' up! I have an idea!! Leave the 1v1 bots alone, get rid of the tag team queuing bots. "Removing incentive to hack SSP coming May 11th!" Cool, but you know the thing about hackers?
  7. 23 Friend requests from gold sellers here. Don't get rid of it, makes not feel alone.
  8. I have no problem doing that daily over here in Yunwa server. Honestly, everyday throughout the day all you hear in faction chat is "Bay Lee spawn Channel etc"
  9. I never liked the bots ruining everything (tag team wise) the bots in 1v1 queue never hurt a fly. They propelled players to gold allowing us to farm 30 soulstones which in turn kept the market price down. Now there's bots in tag team, no bots in 1v1 queue.... I think BNS got things mixed up and took out the wrong bots. Bring back the 1v1 bots BNS Without those 1v1 bots
  10. #BringBackTheChat. It's the only thing that makes me not feel alone.
  11. I'm pretty sure you can post names as long as you're not name shaming people. Then again, I have no idea. In a way you might be correct, you either need to be a 24/7 no lifer, get REALLY lucky with the Daily Chests (1,000 gold reward from daily chest), or put HUGE amounts of money into this game to achieve this. Currently, no average gamer can achieve this. It will take them many weeks/months of farming.
  12. What do these symbols (Skull, Heart, Down Arrow, Triangle, and the blue square) above our heads mean? They constantly appear in only Naryu labyrinth parties.
  13. Are there any guides for the two new dungeons Cold Storage and Sogun's Lament?
  14. That always happens on my Warlock. It's so frustrating once you use your entire kit to kill certain things and it just resets. It's like...
  15. Today got a drop of 7 and then a different run of 10.... sthap crying its not like they're just going to hand out 10, 10, 10, 10 each freaking drop. Be logical please.
  16. So you're saying if I get drunk and delete my lvl 50.. by the time I wake up 12 hours later won't be able to cancel the deletion?
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