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  1. I just finished Act 9 yesterday after being away since last May... Up until the end I thought to myself, "There is going to be someway to bring them back." or "No they are not really dead, maybe absorbed into the sword!" But it was not to be. Sitting there watching my character and Jinsoyun mourn and the appearance of my students at the end is one of the few times in a game that actually had me shedding some tear at having lost them and the only thing I could say was *cricket* this game *cricket* this game!" I am still hoping to maybe grind out some Dragon
  2. All NCSoft and the developers have to do is copy what Final Fanatasy XIV has done. They have an in game place you can go and view all cut scenes you have unlocked and watch them on your own time and see your character being a part of it. Nothing says they can't do it.... but do enough people want it to justify the development cost to put it in. I personally want it in the game.
  3. I don't like how so many of the costumes have Lyn wearing shoes. It doesn't look right to me as if they standing on tip toes all the time. More costumes with no shoes! :) More ear and tail choices! On Alysha's point maybe add a slider to choose the size of ears and length of tails at character creation?
  4. Alrighty, I went with the buy it off the exchange npc since I figure it would take awhile to finish upgrading this. Thank you all for the replys!
  5. Hello Everyone, So I'm returning after awhile away and after having fun learning everything again and doing lots of quests I realized that I need to upgrade my weapon which is at Awaken Siren - Stage 5. I read about the new upgrade path and see that I already previously finished the Chapter 1: The Road To Darkness, so I missed out on the new Ivorymoon weapon. So I try to salvage my old weapon for the new and it tells me it's an invalid item. So my question is, what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it? Thank you p.s. I have removed all gems and the skin
  6. I have recently returned to the game after taking 3 month off since starting at early access. My friends and I quit when we saw NCSofts handling of the bots and hacks and the drop in quality of the game. I am on Soha server so I can only speak for what my experience has been there so far since coming back. In the week since coming back I have noted a drastic decrease in the number of bots around bosses, in the general regions and at entrances to dungeons. I think at most I saw were 4 bots running around not doing anything in particular and like 3 others standing at one of the daily quest
  7. In my opinion an account linked wardrobe is a no brainer for premium accounts. F2P accounts should get the wardrobe that is linked to just the toon.
  8. I think the main problem is he is unaware that it is possible to like/love something or someone and NOT want to have sex with it. It's just having a very narrow view of what constitutes love. Of course though how the thread was named I figured it was a joke since people would assume such just from the name.
  9. More adorable than a basket full of puppies and kittens!
  10. Cerros the Destroyer! But seriously having him called "Cricket" in the story... I just don't think he would let someone call him that without his axe being shoved into their face.
  11. This is Kazden. You hire him when you absolutely positively need something annihilated.
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