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  1. Dont listen to this guy. The negativity on the forums is very legit. You will find out if you keep playing the game and reach level 45. Then you will also be posting on the forums about the issues you are going to encounter. Pretending the game is healthy and in good shape is just plain stupid. Honestly, if you like the game now, keep playing, but expect really crap things at level 45 and up.
  2. I support the OP's concerns. When I started playing BNS I was very excited about the nice ways to progress. Then I hit level 45 and things became stale and boring VERY fast. Leveling was a pain and upgrading anything was far too expensive. Moonwater transformation stones were unaffordable for me until much later. Now with the fact that content is rushed out when I am not even 50 yet or in true or breeze wepaon I just think it will get much worse for me. There is nobody to do world bosses and dungeons take a longer time to finally find a group and go. Farm
  3. But you used real money to get it so in the end you fell for their gamble game and didnt make as much money XD
  4. Totally off topic but do you think BLESS will be a good game / competetion? http://bless-source.com/news/qa-with-senior-product-lead-chris/
  5. So everyone is going casual mode except for a few big whales that will keep the game afloat for the time being. I guess I wont heavily invest in BnS then but see where it is going first..
  6. Yeah there aren't many good MMO's out anymore. Most of them are either old or just really bad for various reasons.
  7. 17 million and they can't get rid of the bots? :O Amazing.
  8. Hey guys, When the game first launched I thought (and hoped) it was going to be for the long run. A game that was going to be big with a rich and filled community and a caring publisher. I intended to really make it my main MMO that I play and bring my entire clan of friends here and really spend a lot of money on it. However I am beginning to doubt that and I am starting to think this game is just a quick cash-grab on NCSoft's side... It feels they don't care about the game at all and just want money without really taking an effort to make the game good. Is this t
  9. Why are people scared to put on their pvp uniform?
  10. Actually its not ''normal'' to put dungeons behind a paywall or have players pay real money to ''reset'' them. Just because TERA does that doesn't make it normal nor right. You have just grown to accept getting *cricket*ed over by these decisions, but that does not count for everyone. I can still see very clearly and putting a dungeon behind a paywall as in paying to reset it is a step in the wrong direction. Even when it's just a small step.
  11. Mounts. Why wings if you cant fly? Pets only cause lag Housing is not really needed... Maybe just for guilds
  12. Well if this is true then they should just tell us that. Saying you can't do much atm = communication. Not saying anything at all = no communication
  13. There is in the hongmooin store. I saw it..
  14. I did.. the answer is NO. The only way for me to get them is through the hongmoon store for 600 coins!! 1 gold = 20 coins.. 30 gold = 600 coins No key is worth 30 gold LOL!
  15. I am suprised because I thought NCsoft was a ''big'' company so that they would be able to afford some guy that comments on their behalf on the forums. The radio silence is really not good.
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