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  1. I support the OP's concerns. When I started playing BNS I was very excited about the nice ways to progress. Then I hit level 45 and things became stale and boring VERY fast. Leveling was a pain and upgrading anything was far too expensive. Moonwater transformation stones were unaffordable for me until much later. Now with the fact that content is rushed out when I am not even 50 yet or in true or breeze wepaon I just think it will get much worse for me. There is nobody to do world bosses and dungeons take a longer time to finally find a group and go. Farm
  2. Actually its not ''normal'' to put dungeons behind a paywall or have players pay real money to ''reset'' them. Just because TERA does that doesn't make it normal nor right. You have just grown to accept getting *cricket*ed over by these decisions, but that does not count for everyone. I can still see very clearly and putting a dungeon behind a paywall as in paying to reset it is a step in the wrong direction. Even when it's just a small step.
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