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  1. Hello all, This trove brings back the Dark Emissary illusion weapon chest and I'm sure many of you force master players (such as my self) is excited about it. Only problem is, it is character bound and I got the illusion weapon chest on another class. I wrote to support asking if they could transfer the chest over but nope and instead told me to post my suggestion here where they "gather feedbacks". So paging to all force master users, gather our voices here and let us be heard. We all want to run around with a purple ribbon instead of the generic orange. Make the illusion chest account bound. In fact make all illusion weapon chest account bound tradeable, Don't see the point why some chest is tradeable and some isn't. Just some ranting of mine, but please do support if you agree. Thanks from a passionate force master player.
  2. Don't get why simple clan designs are locked behind a payed wall. Besides, clan related systems are outdated by a year or so, it's time to make a change.
  3. It would be better if they return the 20g option or make it 10g if they're really trying to make it easier for the player base. Even if they change it to "15 Soulstone Crystal, 7 Sacred Crystal, and 10 Gold", the overall cost depends on how much the market values/sells it at the point of time. With the current cost of 30 soulstone crystals and 15 sacred crystals, prices have skyrocketed in the market (with soulstones going from 30silver so to 80siver in NA server since the new cost) and I doubt it would get cheaper. Sure you can argue that I shouldn't be buying unbound materials and just farm the crystals instead but I'm currently sitting on 2-3 characters each needing to upgrade their accessories and with other items to upgrade as well, it's gonna take forever.
  4. As of now, we can only store 2 set of soul shield in the soul shield windows in our inventory and yet there's row and rows of empty slots below it. Why not make it so that we can store multiple sets of soul shield? With all these new patches coming out with new dungeons and battlefields, new soul shields are to follow. So instead of chucking away older soul shields that we spent time and gold upgrading to replace the new ones cuz we don't have the inventory space to store multiple set of soul shield, store it in the soul shield windows. If we can now store weapon in the wardrobe, I don't see how this can't be made possible in the future.
  5. Login server down? EU

    Guess I'll just keep trying to login every now and then in case it works out :\
  6. Login server down? EU

    I'm from Malaysia, logging in using EU server
  7. Login server down? EU

    I still can't login, same error 42