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  1. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    Fine, you got me there... somewhat. However, the squeaky wheel is the first thing that's gotten rid of if you have alternatives.
  2. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    They think that way because it's simply the case. Illegal (or legal) gold buying exists in every MMO out there, thus, anyone can simply pay to progress. As a business, MMO hosts understood this and realized that rather than let someone else get the money, they themselves should get the money by selling Pay to progress items. Nothing was said about it being fair, but rather just not a case of Pay to win. I already explained true p2w in my original post if you want to take a look there.
  3. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    "It's completely different" and the OP is not correct in the statement. By definition their claim of not wanting to be Pay to win is correct. I gave the definition of something that's Pay to win, this isn't it.
  4. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    It's completely different.
  5. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    Let me start this off by saying that I recently quit Blade and Soul simply because I didn't want to invest more time into the game, not due to the business model. The Valentines "PvP" event? Very annoying, but nowhere near as bad as some other events. Actual PvP means nothing to me so I won't go there. Koldrak would have been perfectly fine if it wasn't limited to certain times, there are no issues outside of that. There's nothing wrong with the Humble Brag feature. As for the Soul event, to bad so sad? I mean this stuff happens in real life too. Imagine being a long time customer and buying a phone with a downpayment and monthly payments for its full original value. But then 3 years later they introduce a deal for NEW customers only where they can get a brand new phone for half price of the payments! "But that just SPITS on the loyal customers!". Too bad? These are to entice new players or new characters. Heck, I had two VT geared characters with their own souls, one being maxed. If I still played the game I would have made a soul for a 3rd character because it's a good event. "BUT WHAT ABOUT PLAYERS THAT COME AFTER THE EVENT." Too bad so sad? That's just how life is. Now... this "Pay to win" claim. Blade and Soul is in no way shape or form Pay to win. No, Trove isn't p2w, the box events aren't p2w, buying gold isn't p2w, that's not the correct term for this. Blade and Soul is Pay to progress. EVERYTHING can be farmed. Need materials? Spam dungeons. Need raid materials? Go do the raid. Don't have the time for it? Well sorry then, but that's a you problem. Do you want a real example of Pay to win? A previous MMO I played, Dragon Nest, had materials in the game that could not be farmed in any way shape or form outside of actual money. This is how Dragon Nest worked, you farm dungeons endlessly to get materials (same here). You then proceed to do the raids over and over to get end game gear (same here). Where it changes is this, imagine you can buy costumes with NCoin that gives you stats. Not just a few stats, I mean modifiers of +10% AP, 20% Elemental damage and bonus HP. But wait, there's more! Imagine having tiers for this type of gear, all the way up to legendary. Now, the only way to get the legendary tier is to buy Spring Boxes that have a .05% chance of dropping one piece of a costume for any of the classes in the game that are race bound. So if you're a Lyn FM and got a Yun FM piece? Too bad! You can't do anything with it. You can NPC it for a silver at best, but it can't be traded, sold, transmuted, anything. Oh, and those stats I mentioned above? Yeah, that's for every piece. So you essentially have doubled your damage by putting money into the game. See that person who only raided but has top end gear? You do far more DPS than they ever will. Now... the mileage thing. To be honest, this doesn't sound too good. The same game above, Dragon Nest, has a system where everything that can be enhanced (upgrades) can start failing at higher levels. An example would be... let's take a VT Necklace. Stage 1-3 cost normally as it does now. But then from stage 4 through 10? It has a chance to fail. But not only that, it has a chance to break entirely! Buuuuut wait! You can buy items from the cash shop to stop the breaking from happening...! But it can still fail. I doubt BnS will go there, but that's what I'm used to. "But you can buy gold in game so technically they can-" Dragon Nest does not have that feature. DN did have nice events though... purely pay to win ones. There are no Koldrak events, no nice Soul events, none of that. The events are basically "Buy 50 Spring boxes, get another 50 free!" Fantastic. So no, the business model isn't bad. No, the game isn't Pay to win. No, the person developing this shouldn't be fired and you should shove it with your claims.
  6. Why is there no love towards Blade Dancers?

    I love BD's. As someone who has been the main tank quite a few times, I don't see an issue... It's interesting and fun to play an evasive tank. If anything, I'm not sure what to think of KFM's because I've found them to be useless outside of their buff which Sins give, so I see no reason to bring those. BM's are fine, more of a true tank. BD's on the damage spectrum don't reach ranged classes, but I put them up on the list of melee classes. As for their grab, just don't move whatsoever or grab at a bad angle.
  7. Farming mobs as a blade dancer

    Grinding the levels out via mobs is the no life method. Guides for quick leveling still promote doing some quests. Story quest is mandatory. Use a wind build to mob. Sunder, rolling typhon, etc.
  8. Class Balance (PVE) Blade Dancer

    Taking ranged classes out of the picture because the game caters to them far too much, I'd say BD DPS is a solid middle-ground. People seem to bash on them a little too much, but being a person who mains a PvE BD, I can say that people don't understand that we're an... Interesting class. I've been the DPs for 4 mans. I've been the tank for 4 mans and Wyrm. We're a good all around class, and I don't understand the Dest vs BD debate cause some things they do better, others we do.
  9. Bonus damage when used on an enemy that is knocked down, stunned, dazed or phantom gripped.