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  1. Available for Linux

    I would like to give this thread a smaller bump. If anyone would know about a work-around for Linux users to play the game, please, do share.
  2. Available for Linux

    Greetings. Before proceeding, I'm sure this has been brought up before, but each time I revisit the forums' index page I get logged out and its quite tiring to search with bugs such as that. Now, allow me to ask a few questions. First off, were there any plans on making the game available to Linux users? If yes, is there any ETA available? If no, why, and is there any work-around to still be able to play it? I've heard there were issues when trying to run it with Wine due to GameGuard requirement or something along those lines. But seriously, I see no reason why the game shouldn't be made compatible with the Linux OS as well. It would show some sort of respect towards all platform users. The way it is now, sure, you reach the majority which might be your goal, but fans of the gameplay videos posted on YouTube that are itching to play it but can't due to having a different platform are quite disappointed, really. Thank you for reading; simply answering the questions asked above (second paragraph) would be really appreciated already and enough if one is not feeling up for a debate.