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  1. Give me a Yun class that plays like Abel Nox from SO:SS. I didn't know BDO had some kind of Fan / Chakra type weapon user. Although I miss playing a good Gunner type class. Dual Pistols or Rifle. Never played Tera but the class doesn't play half bad from what I saw on Youtube, closest thing I played for a few daywas Queen's Blade / Whipper lol.
  2. Housing??

    Well aware of that not my first MMO doesn't change the fact when you start announcing bandaids to distract players rather then addressing the issue it later becomes a problem. I mean imagine what would and will happen if the game had housing.
  3. Housing??

    game design, bots, win/trading and fixing how instancing/loot is done should be on that list before housing...
  4. Blade & Soul is dying

    NCsoft won't do anything about it. Seen their streams enough to know they have no idea whats going on. They talk a good "covering our asses" game though.
  5. Easy, DOTA was huge. And league came out before DOTA2. I didn't start League until mid way through season 2 and it was only gaining steam before came out it was getting to be a popular on and it became a huge esport over night.
  6. is it worth to start again?

    This has been something that should have been fixed from day 1. Too late. NCsoft KR and NA knows whats up. Should have been a dozen or more hot fixes.
  7. What bugs me the most here is that you keep clicking when you can clearly use the default binds to make this faster -.- lol.
  8. is it worth to start again?

    The list is long and the booze is light. Short answer would be I got sucked into another NCsoft game, I had thought they had their cards in order and it was found...lacking. Or you can blame the blatant hacking and botting.
  9. No chance for any kind of refund? I would never spend money on a free game if I can help it. Unless I know the game will be 100% stable. For example League of Legends or CS:GO even POE, all games that will have a reliable shelf life so even if I get bored of the game and leave for several months or years, I can come back to them and I know they will be healthy. But I feel for you, I learned some hard lessons like that in investing in games.
  10. is it worth to start again?

    I thought about those but really just no one seems to really know how to design games anymore, they just want the quick buck and it ends up being a flop. League is decent I am not much for mobas but I don't mind Heroes of the Storm. Mostly just been playing Path of Exile, CS:GO and Everquest.
  11. is it worth to start again?

    Honestly. I wouldn't waste the time, if you can't be happy with the main you played and leveled up, I some how doubt things will be much better on an alt. I tried as well and just decided to lurk forums instead from time to time while I look for another game to play. Seriously considering going back to games that I grew up with that are still running, like Everquest and Ultima Online.
  12. Wondering does Korea server has bots?

    Never said I was a programmer but even the average person can see the painfully obvious. If you play enough games and pay attention you notice a lot.
  13. Wondering does Korea server has bots?

    This all their games are like this, they haven't learned...not once. I bet you if you are a coder, you probably notice the codes just copy and paste frm other games and just flavoured to seem difference, like the combat system
  14. yay DPS Meters!!!

    All dps meters do is start ruinng what is left of PVE content by throwing outmore benchmarks.
  15. Game dying or just unpopulated server?

    You should watch the Youtube clip then, because the research says otherwise (unless I got my videos mixes up there was 2 I watched about BnS/NC)