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  1. Be happy, I have run Naksun 128 times since they introduced the moonstones and have never seen an 100 Moonstone bundle, and 2 10-bundles. However I have dropped the outfit 9 times so far an he always drops a stinger... One of my lazy guildmates ran it a couple of times on his summoner and recieved 3 100-moonstonebundles,,, /cry
  2. I wanted to post this in the general discussions, because this isn't intended to be a whine and shoulder padding thread, but (more or less) I want to get this issue out to the people up there (talking to you devs), because I really don't feel like anyone reads the official warlock forums. Anyone reading this, who does not give a shit about warlocks, you are free to leave right here. Note that I don't know if this also is an issue for other classes, if it is, please do not post it here. That's a topic for another discussion. Currently, the gap b
  3. Players on na and especially eu servers are suffering from bad connection (bad ping, lagspikes etc.) and it has been shown by multiple people that this issue IS a problem with BnS servers. This has been mostly ignored by the support and atm no actions are taken to improve the current state of server connection. If you want some evidence for this, check out this: Having a stable connection is absolutely crucial for a satisfying game experience, and I for myself would very much prefer this over any event costumes or content you are pushing out. I
  4. Yeah, adding options for the ''normal stand pose'' would be a REALLY great addition to this game. For example the pose jins stand in when you leave them for a while looks so much better than the default one. It's not like this would be difficult to programm, as it is already in the game.
  5. We need to combine FUN + REWARD for playing (NO RNG!!!!) + a little p2w cuz it's NC = nice event
  6. It really annoys me that p2event has become more and more a thing. Frozen vipercap was a GREAT event, since you could actually farm stuff and GET REWARDED for doing so, even if you are not RNGsus or a creditcard hero, heck, even those so called ''whales'' were happy since they could buy resets. The current summer event drains the gold of everyone attenpting to get rewarded, unfortunately the rng is just so bad that most players won't get much, only people spending trememdous amounts of NCoins will ever get to stage 7 or 8. The silverfrost growth seeds are cool but the r
  7. It's not about what spec is better, I just enjoy playing full dark build more than anything else. i like stealing aggro, you know :D. (sitting at 600 ap+, 57% crit and 212% critdmg btw ;) ) The point is, once we get legendary acessories, full dark build will become a very good spec and I want it to be dynamic, not a focus proc dependant rng rotation. I really like how it plays but running out of focus is just ... It's easy to put in a mantra in bombardement helix or call, since bombardement is just a filler and you will always hav a mantra proc. In the full dark bui
  8. it is just unacceptable to have that shitty servers. I originally intended to support this game via a subsciption, however I think paying for killping is worth it more at the moment. I am not supporting such bullcrap
  9. If you want to play full dark build, you can buy the asura amber and the frozen lamentationstone (from cold storage aswell). But before doing that I would focus on getting at least to true breeze weapon and true oathbreaker acessories (maybe wait with the weapon since it'll become cheaper soon)
  10. The full dark build currently has some serious focus starvation issues outside of siphon. It deals a little less damage compared to the bombardement helix build, so why not remove the focus cost of shadow rmb? Focus shouldn't be something to worry about, it is just unfun to rely on weapon procs or destroy your flow to throw out a mantra (it really destroys the rotation in comparison to bombardement helix or call, since you have to be really fast and don't have ''gaps'' you can use to weave it in)
  11. Your servers (EU) , as far as I know should be located in Frankfurt am Main, am I right? Becuase I literally LIVE there, so why is my ping that bad. It is NOT my internet connection, since in other games I get a ping around 50-70, and after checking it, I could make sure that the ping caused by my internet connection should be around 25, so where do these 0.175 extra seconds ping come from? I have even tried ping reducing programms, they got me a ping of 180 instead of 200, that is a nice improvement but still shitty. But why am I even talking like the devs were li
  12. The point is, and I hope that by now you've realized that it is not about ranged vs melee but the individual classes themselves. Look at it, sum and FM are easy to play, I admit, but Wl? Doesn't really fit into the same category in a similar way Bm and Kfm have it easier because of spammable counter/block than other melee classes avoiding aoes. Dealing or not having to deal with certain boss mechanics isn't really what makes a class easy or hard, it is the tools a class has available to do its job. There are classes like summoner that can ignore everything and go full sunflowespamm
  13. First: I really really get angry at people claiming ranged classes have it way easier. Although I main a Wl, I occasionally DO tank with my Bm and it is BY NO MEANS hard to dodge the melee attacks most bosses do (there are a few exceptions, but keep in mind there are also mechanics ranged classes have to deal with that melees don't even notice , eg. be ido automatons or the entangling seeds of the umbral lord). The only place where ranged classes have it 100000 times easier is Ssp and you don't even need Ssp to get moonstones now. Melees were given dashes and defensive cds to
  14. First things first: '' You're right, I'm sorry, I got too emotional too quickly and forgot that some people play differently '' Thumbs up for that statement! I have to admit that I do tend to exaggerate in my posts when pointing out what I think is an issue with a class (after all I spend my time playing it). I think we might want to restart :D Critting off a wingstorm heals me at least 9% of my HP, 27% over 3 waves My problem with that is that crit = not really reliable and part of the rotation = not on purpose. I would like more small portions of healing rather th
  15. Aah, yes, have you played sum or FM before? Tons of self healing ON PURPOSE and therefore way better compared to wl. As long as you're not firing your wingstorm into a group of mobs it's not gonna heal you a lot. Let's say it crits for 7k. that's 3.5k healing for you if you use helix, 1.75k if you use dc. So on average you will get half of your wingstormticks to crit (with ~50%+ crit) that means when playing helix you'll get ~5.25k health per wingstorm, with call you get ~2.6k. And now think about it, you cannot control it. So when you need healing, maybe you don't crit, maybe
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