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  1. The Servers are down, haha :P
  2. #2 this anime was just "wtf"... Watched it @ the release time and that's when I found out about the game. Was it like 2 years ago? or even 3? :P
  3. Well, I can't say much about males playing, mostly, female characters. I think they just like to look @ boobs & ass... and that's it. I can agree that female outfits are usually better looking, but I don't think that's the "why" males play females. Anyway, about the females playing Lyn/Summoners. We just like, umm, LOVE cats :D And that's it! So when the game lets us have in-game pro-tanker-kitty, we are just simply drawn to it. Tho it's not the main character females play. I know a lot of females playing other classes - mostly FMs. I also have Yun FM and Jin Sin. Started this game wi
  4. Hello. I've got this problem. Almost one month ago I could buy NCoins with my PayPal account, but can't buy them today... What's wrong? I don't have credit card, so I can pay only via PayPal. The "Other" option doesn't work either...
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