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  1. Yeah they don't seem to be. On picture above (not gonna post it twice no point) we can also see premium and normal transformation stone crystals we have no use for? So probably KR has different upgrade costs for those? Also another thing is that there are other mistakes in notes like neck and belt are both named wrong as we get ones matching with godhand gloves. We're getting triangular pet gems instead of pentagonal (kinda obvious we should get tri but yeah it's there so..). Another one is legendary stellar and ascension stones - we have sparkling stellar and brilliant (????)
  2. My character was in ranking. When she's in party with second character she won't be able to enter normal or hard but she will enter easy mode. If she's on her own she can't enter at all, doesn't matter if it's easy mode, normal or hard.
  3. To be honest up to this point I haven't noticed problems with Spectral Shrine. So I went to check and indeed if I try to enter with character that has been in ranking before it will not work. However I didn't notice because I was helping other chars do easy mode so apparently if you're in party with second character you can enter easy mode just fine and that allows you to do the quest. I don't know if second character has to be one without ranking though..
  4. Last Wednesday we should have gotten last rewards from Forest of Echoes Challenge Mode - weekly and end of season ones. To my surprise I've only gotten Skystealer tokens from Aerodrome but no FoE tokens (Echo Tokens). Was it intentional or some sort of mistake? Since Echo tokens are about to be antiqued it would be nice to know if I can get my rewards as I had it planned.
  5. I think it was in some preview.. like the first one they hinted the new stuff coming but it seems to be deleted by now and replaced with more detailed previews. Imho it should not be done since there is no proof now and if people missed it they were in dark. A lot of friends told me to buy volvos because they will be limited after patch I also read it myself so info was there at some point.. but yeah...
  6. What I did was log in instantly after I get home and open my lamp then leave my char fishing or just afking for rewards and go do irl stuff. When I was done with everything I could open second lamp somewhere in the middle of my play time. Then get up in the morning and log in while I was eating my breakfast and open third. Did more on weekend and managed to open all 60 of them. I honestly don't see how can you be able to open only one lamp a day unless you're guest in your own house and you literally spent there less than 5 hours.
  7. Btw. does anyone else has problem with sandstrom bracelet box from armory chest? When you open it with emblems that chest provides it says "invalid item" and doesn't open.
  8. Well.. I don't know why you're surprised. Article you've linked says: "Enlightened Jewels and Elements will be replacing existing Legendary Jewels and Elements when upgrading the following items: Earring: Skybreak, Skypearl/Apex, Ring: Skybreak, Skyshatter/Inheritor" Do you see GC acc listed anywhere? They did that to make lower level accessories cheaper to upgrade as they will require 2/3 less jewels in general. GC acc are still top level legendary gear so I would not expect them to be made cheaper any time soon.
  9. Not only that. They also decreased amount of TS you get from crafting (max 24 from 35 before) and I think price is a bit higher then before (only remember it was 14 ms now it's 16), Empyrean stones reduced as well from 20 to 15 for more less same price, So I have no idea what they are doing..
  10. Either you've made a typo and your characters aren't 1900 ap or they are ap boosted and rest of your gear is weak. Or you're playing on 300+ ping with freezes. If neither of those is true then idk what to tell you because my alt earth summoner with 1680 ap is holding 1m just fine. And my 1500 ap gunner is starting with 1m so I find it hard to believe that 1900 one does barely 1m+ with bullet storm.
  11. I agree. And it's not the first time they did such mistake.. I still remember when they implemented pet pods instead of pet stones, they said cost will not change. After the patch it turned out they cost was 4x more them before. It took me almost 2 years to get my pet to stage when it would have been if I haven't listened to them and maxed it out then. Bottom line - I hate being lied to guys. Figure out some kind of fix because my patience is running very low right now. I've been with BnS since beta.. I don't mind farming. I don't even care about brain/nova cost.. but if apolo
  12. At least it would give people chance to decide if they want to make oils now or farm new currency and make them later..
  13. Are you guys real? Had 150 stones sitting in inventory.. over 100 oils to make.. can't do that now. But that's half of problem. How are we supposed to get HM and CS dynamic quest rewards (event currency) with no orbs to open instances? On top of that challenger orbs are antique as well.. wth?
  14. Quite honestly.. I feel totally let down drop in elders table. I've opened nearly 20 of them yesterday and I know I won't do that again. All I've got was guaranteed rewards plus bunch on sacred crystals and nothing else. Pretty meh for gold and time you invest in it. Meanwhile kids table gave me 3 pouches to spin the wheel plus some minor stuff for alts. I don't get it.. but I guess I'll skip this event as I did with Halloween one (that one was nice to farm hammers but once you got them in few hours..).
  15. They come around 3 months apart and since summer one was 20th of June normal schedule would be around third week of September (19th). But noone will tell you exactly as there were cases of shifting dates in the past. I assume they will make a stream before warrior is released as they always do.. so keep your eyes open. There should be some trove info then or at least trove icon on their client. ;) Yeah.. was thinking about July and wrote it instead of June lol
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