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  1. Either you've made a typo and your characters aren't 1900 ap or they are ap boosted and rest of your gear is weak. Or you're playing on 300+ ping with freezes. If neither of those is true then idk what to tell you because my alt earth summoner with 1680 ap is holding 1m just fine. And my 1500 ap gunner is starting with 1m so I find it hard to believe that 1900 one does barely 1m+ with bullet storm.
  2. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I agree. And it's not the first time they did such mistake.. I still remember when they implemented pet pods instead of pet stones, they said cost will not change. After the patch it turned out they cost was 4x more them before. It took me almost 2 years to get my pet to stage when it would have been if I haven't listened to them and maxed it out then. Bottom line - I hate being lied to guys. Figure out some kind of fix because my patience is running very low right now. I've been with BnS since beta.. I don't mind farming. I don't even care about brain/nova cost.. but if apologies is all we'll get for this mess.. I'm done.
  3. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    At least it would give people chance to decide if they want to make oils now or farm new currency and make them later..
  4. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Are you guys real? Had 150 stones sitting in inventory.. over 100 oils to make.. can't do that now. But that's half of problem. How are we supposed to get HM and CS dynamic quest rewards (event currency) with no orbs to open instances? On top of that challenger orbs are antique as well.. wth?
  5. Focused Feedback:Harvest Tables boxes

    Quite honestly.. I feel totally let down drop in elders table. I've opened nearly 20 of them yesterday and I know I won't do that again. All I've got was guaranteed rewards plus bunch on sacred crystals and nothing else. Pretty meh for gold and time you invest in it. Meanwhile kids table gave me 3 pouches to spin the wheel plus some minor stuff for alts. I don't get it.. but I guess I'll skip this event as I did with Halloween one (that one was nice to farm hammers but once you got them in few hours..).
  6. trove soon?

    They come around 3 months apart and since summer one was 20th of June normal schedule would be around third week of September (19th). But noone will tell you exactly as there were cases of shifting dates in the past. I assume they will make a stream before warrior is released as they always do.. so keep your eyes open. There should be some trove info then or at least trove icon on their client. ;) Yeah.. was thinking about July and wrote it instead of June lol
  7. Why isn't fishing just press F to get item?

    If you press "F" only then I'm not surprised you have lost item. You press "F" to hook.. then press "F" to get reward but if oil or pet pack is included in your rewards (not sure about divine) you need to press "Y" (yes) to claim item.
  8. Only thing that worries me here is that weekly challenge has 4 quests in this video. And if enrage timer stays the same then no more alts for weekly rewards. For other 3 even low level raven alt is fine. Here not so much. :(
  9. I'm pretty sure he is.. With current event if you use Raven Nebula Stone it reduces that number from 5 to 1.
  10. Rising Soul Event.

    First of I would hate such mechanics as well if it became standard - just to answer your question. As far as I remember there was a coral event where you had weapon to upgrade and all stages had chance of failiure.. needless to say people hated it and most ended up selling corals rather than taking their chances with RNG. So I don't see current event as a test but rather an improoved version of coral event. Where you can have your rewards guaranteed or chances for more if you choose to challange RNG God. ;)
  11. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    Same. I needed their help several times and they always helped me. I know every time I ask I will be heard.. every single time, simply because I know what I can ask for. And that bigger problem will be what exactly? Transferring "unable to trade" items? I won't even ask for that. And I don't care how many people got them transferred before me.. I play the game and I don't ask support to play it for me. If I need some stuff on my alt I'll go and farm it on that alt. Simple.
  12. Pet Pack Bound to account

    Pets must have ways of using them apart from visual part it's quite obvious so no wonder they're transmutable. But I still don't see why pet packs shouldn't be acc bound. And don't give me crap about "abusing" by people with multiple characters. If it was pet pod I would totally agree - gold sellers and bots farming sellable material.. But pet pack? If people put their time and effort in gearing up several characters doesn't it benefit the game/company? Simply because they play the game maintaining it's population or finances even if with premium only? Only people who are too lazy or jealous of effects of someone else's work will call it abuse. Noone forbids you from playing the game with multiple characters. And if you devote time and effort you should be rewarded accordingly. We got to the point where many people who play since beta are top geared.. how you want to keep them interested? I personally have my mains soul maxed and now one of my alts that enters VT lvl would need some help with soul and pet. While soul is kinda easy to upgrade (lots of events with oils.. so I have some stocked).. pet not so much. And yes it pisses me off because I spent most time on my main and she have useless pet packs in her inventory that she don't need and I can not use them elsewhere.
  13. Pet Pack Bound to account

    Again that's recent update. That's not how it have been before. But if that's the logic why on earth bring pet packs at all? That hurts their sales of pet pouches, isn't it? They brought pet pack to make is possible to distribute more of those to players without breaking the market. They are available though events now. Imagine what would have happen if you could farm several pet pods per character per event and sell them after. They did same thing with crystals. Give out unsealed oils while events and yet all those stuff are acc bound.. and pet pack are not. It literally makes no sense.
  14. Pet Pack Bound to account

    That difference only exist since last big patch. Oils has always been bound to acc in their untradeable version. You could farm them while events since they were introduced. So I don't know why pet pack should not be.
  15. Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Item Change Preview

    Well.. sorry but what you write is bs. Easier to obtain become weapon paths that aren't top any more - example of it can be Raven weapon changes incoming as well as Baleful/Seraph cost reductions that took place patch earlier. I don't mind them - my alts are going to welcome them. However Aransu path isn't old. It's current top weapon path and many people are stuck on Aransu 3-4 because of limited material supply. And now they adding bypass method basically shutting down people who have been working for it since Zulia came out. Sounds nice.. I know many people who will be pissed by it if there is no catch to bypass path..