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  1. We need more boob window outfits for the ladies

    love the tat on her thigh but not the pair of tats on her boobs, that shit look so weird :(
  2. We need more boob window outfits for the ladies

    Dont express your interests in those new outfit too much or NCsoft gonna notice and put them in RNG boxes instead of itself in store because they know ppl will buy them.
  3. Archievements Merchant

    Well since there r the wig and 1 outfit from outfit pouch it only make sense they should rotate it to different thing in the same area :3 (cough..cough blindfold cough........Highborn cough.....)
  4. Archievements Merchant

    I guess this is th correct place for suggestion :D can GM pls update the achievement merchant or do a rotation on it every 3 or 6 months maybe? Would love to get something different from it maybe blindfold and mask of the Widows and different outfit and other rewards or higher tier reward for higher points otherwise it would be so plain :/
  5. Force Master Solo Yeti Kill (NA)

    that smooth 100ms ping made me cum 0.0 I lost so much dps with 300 ping, need server for Australia T.T pls
  6. Wow where is common senses and courtesy? I mean its a basic principle if someone made a mistake, they r not intended to and you should give it back to them, let alone they r also giving you 20% of that amount as a reward and the CS rule of loots goes to someone used all 3 orbs has been around for a long while just like scale in Heaven's Mandate so pretty much anything else said r just excuses.
  7. soul fighjter skills are trash

    Not bashing but i think you are the first one with this issue XD and Soulfighter been out for a long while and i have totally no idea of what you are talking about. I have a group that we run daily together every day, 1 warlock , 2 forcemasters and 1 soulfighter, we are pretty much same in AP with around 10 points give or take and the soulfighter always o do the most dps while tanking in pve like 12k to 15k DPS/s me and the other forcemaster at around 12 to 13k. Soulfighter are a joke in Tower of Infinity too, i got constant CCed and disabled as a FM and as soon as i got matched up with Soulfighter in Tower i would lose that round no matter what i do, plus Soulfighter can heal and revive in dungeon which is pretty sweet for 4mans run, overall i think its a great class.
  8. Survey - Pet Droprate

    Saw 1 blue one in Heaven's Mandate and that is it for the last 4 months so yeah near 0% XD
  9. Whirlwind Valley rewards

    Ah i see, thanks.
  10. Whirlwind Valley rewards

    Anyone can give me a solid number of event chests we can get per day in battleground? because maybe it was just me eyes playing trick but some day i saw it give 1 chest then 2 chests then 3 chests then there day only 2 dailies available. Isnt it always 1 win, 3 wins and 3 participation?
  11. FM Arena pvp build help !!!!

    Im Hm 8 atm, 5% till HM 9 and thanks for the post.

    Pls implement a vote kick option for F8 LFP mode. I have tried to endure it since the day this game released but no more, last night event was the last straw. Me and my party normally just walked in coz the tendencies of dc and in case of unfortunate situations but we do used F8 occasionally. Last night we were doing 4 mans Sogun when one of us got dced at the 2 birds, so we tried to snipe him back in on F8 but get a random LFP instead. Well no harm done he 589 AP BM with HM 8 decent enough for Sogun 4 mans and we wanted to get our friend back in for his dailies (plus he did the work to up to this stage) so we asked him nicely "Hey there, can you exit the party? sorry we r trying to get our friend back in for his daily" He instantly reply "Can you?" and we were just like WTF mode but I continued to ask him nicely for the next 5 to 7 mins to exit the party in which he just silent and goes on to the boss and bidding loots like nothing is going on. So we decided to just suck it up and try to finish the run and it was horrific, he could not block, he could not lead fire pool he would not answer us how many antidote he has or is he even has any and the fact he died every 1 and a half minute and wiped us 5 times, any person would have learned from their mistake after 2 maybe maximum 3 times of failure (fire AOE and he just stood there dps Asura) we would have try to help him to learn and finish it but he just being a butt in every aspects. That is just 1 instance of the reality, 8/10 time when we tried to snipe ppl and get a random LFP, THEY WOULD JUST NOT LEAVE, no matter how nice we try, i mean what is the deal? Is it a new trend that i dont know of? that got random LFP and they ask you to leave and you must stay by all means to prove something for the world? Cant we have a kick option like normal pre-made party?
  13. FM Arena pvp build help !!!!

    Anyone can help me with a good pvp build for F9 Arena, I have all HM skills except Multiple Blazes and Chi Bomb. Im currently running 3 5 7 BE IDO SS and the rest are Asura (all Critical infused) Piercing: 20% Critical damage: 212% Critical rate: 56.9% Accuracy: 120% Thank you.
  14. Those new refining stone are for a cheaper, easier (likely to be more time consuming due to farming) way of upgrade your weapon. Summer Trove is really just RNG, so pray the god XD
  15. I traded in for 5 stones after the patch and notice that the stone is bugged, it requires more materials to upgrade as well as an increased upgrade fee than original way from True Breeze to Awakened Python (was doing necklace and ring) and from Awakened Python to true Python. Pls fix it before expiry date pls T.T Also, just found another topic like this further down on forum with proof picture.