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  1. Greetings all, Wondering if it is still worth it to get HM skill for my main and alts with awakening skills coming out? Do awakening skills have normal and HM versions? Thanks for input!
  2. necro thread ... very sneaky
  3. Oh where did they say that? Thank you for the response, Merry Christmas/Happy holidays
  4. I can't claim the next one...someone help please
  5. If you right click on the accessory. It’s either et the magnify glass or the manage equipment tab, I’ll tell you what it is used for in upgrading something like pirate ring + siren ring = oathbreaker btw if you get pinnacle from dungeons, save them
  6. oh hai, Wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me solve my latency issues. I am currently sitting at 140ish ms without any vpn. I have about 60 Mpbs with a entry level modern and router. I have tried mudfish as a vpn but it only lowered my ms by about 10. I am currently trialing Exitlag and am kinda confused because Exitlag tells me I have 13+40ms but in-game it tells me I have 120ms. Is the in-game latency correct? I am trying to get around 50ms, so I can play wind kfm better. Much appreciated!
  7. If your F roll gets changed to 8m other summoners are gonna complain they get tech chased too easily in pvp then. Have you tried F roll, wait for them to use approach skill and use 4? You also have resist bubble and cat swap. knock downs are suppose to be the weakness for range classes, because you’re usually 16m away and have a cat/thrall and a resist shield and a swap, and a block or a aoe resist like petal storm or divine shield. You have lots of utility to defend yourself.
  8. Greetings all, Just wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on this patch. Really happy with holiday events. Very easy to get the snow flakes thru the solo instance that gives legendary gem hammers, lots of exp for new/returning players. Tower of memory is kinda meh. The daily challenge is easy as always. But with this event I can easily go from Baleful 10 to Dawnforge 6 then to Raven 6 with the nebula crystals. Very new/returning player friendly. With alts I can get the costume, 3 heptagonal gems, up to Dawnforge 6 weapon. Love that we got more HM points that wer
  9. Yeah, was in celestial basin and people started disappearing and then couldn't send any mail. Logged off and couldn't log back in. Can someone confirm if the server is down?
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