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  1. i agree with your opinion and i hope they listen, but i don't thing miracles happen... This is the answer i got to my ticket about the same topic "I definitely understand where you're coming from, but changes in-game are a normal part of the game, and it is usually done to help other players catch up as the game progresses further. These changes, however, are not retroactive. We know that some of the changes in-game are not favorable by many players, but, our only goal is to make the game more fun and to help other players to catch up immediately as the game progresses. Thanks fo
  2. you can start from stage 1 for ur twinks, it is cheapest :D or that is the logic for the staff, if you make a wrong choise you can always start again all the way long...
  3. i would like to give you a appearance change if i were reach, but i'm not(?) ;-; wait what? is that a boy? D:
  4. and what's worst... if you start ur weapon from Stage 1 you'll just spent only 80 more moonstone and you'll need to craft the empyream, but even if you buy it 5 empyrean = 2 Premium Transformation. so is still cheapest than upgrade my currect riftwalk 3 to stage 6 i'll save a lot in other mats like Soulstone, the oil needed to Transform rift into raven, sacred crystal, void fragment and aransu orb. that without counting the time i must spent farming the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing weapons. i think i MUST DO THAT since they will not help in anything and probably they'll just increase the cost even
  5. i agree with that too much players will leave, even me that wwas trying to get out of Riftwalk Path this new patch make the cost too freaking ridiculous. they should add a path from Rift 3 to Raven 3 or just decrease the cost in upgrades as they did with raven The difference is too much
  6. this is so stupid, even the prices of rift/dawn got increased in this patch
  7. i just log in after 2 weeks full of work and exams in the university just to find out the new ''Cost Re-balance" in those 2 weapons, as i found myself in a worst trouble than before i mean what's he point on add 3 Premium Transformation stone to the Riftwalk/Dawnforge Path but reduce even more the cost of Raven Path? it is so freaking ridiculous!! i don't know how this would be a ''fair adjustment'' as they announce it is event worst, 2 weeks ago i was able to craft 2 Premium Stone spending the mats for 5 of them. i was going to update today but this... this seems to be pointless.
  8. i don't play too much because of my work and the university and i find pretty unfair the cost of upgrade in the alternative path for Weapon upgrade, i mean the most of old players took that path because they could farm the mats and get upgrade by themselves even if they hasn't a BT Raid. Since the raven nerf and the reduction cost for all the weapon raven series. the ones who upgraded to Rift/Dawn got without options and with the current economy inside the game(there's no way to farm moonstone if you're not good geared, pay with your mastercard or buy some gold. that makes pretty hard to the o
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