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  1. I don't understand why people are wanting to hear Korean or Japanese voices in the English version of a game. If you want to hear Japanese, go to the Japanese version of the game and if you want to hear Korean go to the Korean version. The people running the English server are not obligated at all to follow the request. And I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people requesting this are native English speakers. It's board line nonsensical.
  2. All I can say it's better now than when it initially started in the west.
  3. Is Act 8 longer than 7? Because in my opinion, I felt as if Act 7 was far too easy and quick. I want Act 8 to be LONG.
  4. Assassin seems ok but I feel like these changes are a bit unnecessary. The Smokescreen is now 6-seconds instead of 10? Considering that it's a "smoke" you would think that stealth as ten is reasonable. I don't know anything about the other classes because I don't play them, however for Assassin, I have a feeling they've nerfed some skills only for the sake of nerfing. There's no reason for these pointless changes, but hey I bet they thought if the other classes are changing- why not all?
  5. I really hope they implement server change to the game. Been a bit frustrated with soloing Darkglimpse ( at least for Assassin). There haven't been much people online.
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