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  1. Warlock or BladeMaster?

    They both achieve the same end result, I would say they're pretty similar in terms of single target DPS. BM will do less hits, for more damage, while KFM does more hits, with each hit dealing for less damage. At 50 patch, I believe BM will have a slight edge on KFM in terms of raw DPS. In 45 patch we have now, they're pretty even. The one with better gear tends to take aggro over the other. BM has the edge in PvE in terms of AoE damage output, since they have 5 AoE abilities, and can spam AoE's on top of their AoE's.
  2. Warlock or BladeMaster?

    I'm a bit biased, so I would say BM. Don't listen to those that say BM has no damage. They probably didn't get very far with theirs, so that explains the no damage. This isn't your typical western MMO, with wet noodle tanks. Every class has the ability to do lots of damage. You just need gears, levels, and skills. If BM dps was so bad, we'd never clear Mushin Tower, since it's a solo instance with dps checks. As far as PvP goes, I have a level 45 BM Hongmoon 5, sitting at Plat 1950 MMR, and a level 30 smurf BM sitting at Gold MMR. Even at level 30, I'm able to beat level 45's consistently with my Platinum mechanics. It's not about the car, it's more about the driver.
  3. BD at lvl 50 continent PvE

    I see what you're saying, but my point is this. It happens in many games that have some sort of PvE meta in place. Not all classes will be optimal for taking up a party spot, in regards to end game content. Can you participate and contribute to the party? Sure. I never said you couldn't. BD just happens to get the short end of the stick, as far as PvE goes at 50 patch.
  4. Unfair ranking system

    I stand corrected. What a beast!
  5. Unfair ranking system

    If you could go 41-0, you'd reach Plat in the lowest games possible. That is impossible, however, since you've already lost 2 games.
  6. BD at lvl 50 continent PvE

    If you like the class, play it. BM is my favorite class, and I'll play it no matter how weak or strong it is. Class loyalists will always dance with the girl they came to the prom with. No matter how busted her face is.
  7. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    From the tank's point of view, the better geared your party is, the less time you spend tanking the mob. The less time tanking the better. We don't want to tank longer than we have to, because longer clear time leaves more room to mess up. Yea it was my fault I died, it was my first time running Naryu, and I went in blind. I'll get better at it, but PvE isn't really my cup of tea anyway. I'm not very good at it.
  8. Reached platinum on my summoner but still get hate?

    KR never played with 45 HM5 cap, with this current balance patch we have. We have the skill balance patch of level 50 HM20, with certain contet gated off. KR Summoners at 45 HM5 had to summon the Familiar during the match. Summoners starting the match with kitty was a part of a later update that buffed the class so that it wasn't roflstomped by every class. In our current balance patch in EU/NA, Summoner healing was buffed in order to counter Legendary skills. We don't have most of the Legendary skills yet, but we have the buffed healing already. Summoner is OP, due to NCSoft's controversial decision to give us up to date balance patches, yet gate us in terms of released content.
  9. BD at lvl 50 continent PvE

    I never said they would kick him either. The point I'm trying to make, is that if his focus is to primarily excel at PvE content, then maybe BD isn't what you wanna invest all your time into. He could use this time pre-50 to level and gear up a different class, that would better suit his needs.
  10. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    I tried running Naryu6 yesterday on my day off. I didn't even bother checking people's gear. I forgot which boss it was, but me (tank BM) and Destroyer died at the boss, leaving only the DPS alive. I'm watching the boss's health, and it's barely moving. I quickly started losing hope when I checked my party's gears. One guy had 350 AP, ok I thought, that's not very high but we should be able to finish with one 350 guy, but then I checked the other guy's equips and he's running AWAKENED PROFANE STAGE 2. I insta quit the party. It's like they don't even care anymore.
  11. Macros

    So basically this. If you macro, you're a fraud.
  12. BD at lvl 50 continent PvE

    I'm sorry to break this to you, but in KR meta right now, BD is the least valued class in terms of end game PvE content. Here's why. You're not a tank, but a DPS with some party utility. The problem is, that the role of DPS is dominated by classes with higher potential DPS than BD. People want Summoners as their main DPS because not only will they outdamage BD, they will also bring more party utility also. Force Masters will out DPS you, and so will Assassins. You could end up taking a DPS spot, but your party will lose DPS by having you. Like I said you're not a tank, so you can't fill that role either. Your main niche as a BD in parties is supporting through utility, using your grab. Unfortunately, people prefer Destroyers for this role, leaving you as the second option for the only thing you're good at. This is the price you pay, I guess, for being strong now.
  13. BM 100-0 combo guide

    Hey, how's it going? DNB here to teach you guys a way for BM's to execute a 100-0 combo. This guide is meant to be a template, to show the newer BM's how to kill your opponent in arena off of 1 opening. More experience BM's probably aren't going to get much out of this guide, it's meant for the lesser experienced BM's. Here we go! First some background information on myself. My main's name is Bree Zenuff, currently ranked #1 BM on Hajoon server. I've been playing this game since closed Beta, and have learned a thing or two in my time playing Blade and Soul. I want to share some of what I learned with the BM community so we can continue to learn and grow together! Here is the easy version of the 1 touch death combo using Blade Call. Important skills to spec in order for the 100-0 combo to work: 1) Flicker T3M2 - combo extender 2) Lunar Slash T3M2 - combo extender 3) Rush T2M1 - opening CC, tech chase, combo extender 4) Raid T2M2 - combo extender 5) Five Point Strike T2M1 - opening CC, combo extender ( I take only 2 points for the daze, because I don't want the knock-up. 2 points will give you the option to do either a ground combo or air combo off of a successful Five Point Strike.) 6) Lightning Draw T5M1 - burst damage, gets you in Draw Stance, you can use T2M1 if you don't have the Hongmoon book. 7) Lightning Rod T3M2 - combo extender, you can use T2M1, but I like the speed of T3 8) Flock of Blades T2M2 - Blade Call - aoe damage over time, gives focus regen over time making the combo possible. The combo: OK! Now that we have our important skills, it's ready to start training! The set up for this combo requires you to have the opponent blow his escapes, as in his Tab escape, and his F roll. I'll leave you to figure that one out on your own, as to how you go about blowing your opponent's escapes. I'm just here to teach a combo. Once both escapes are down, the only thing you have to do to start the combo, is CC the enemy with anything you have, and stand right next to them. You can use a Stun, Knockdown, or Daze to initiate the combo. For this example, we'll be using Rush stun. 1) Look for an opening to use Rush stun. Are they stunned? Good. You're their daddy now. 2) Press V < C < V. This will activate Blade Call, cast Lightning Rod on their head to daze them for 2 sec, and activate Whirling Scourge. 3) Blast them with (4) Lightning Draw, putting you in Draw Stance. 4) By this time, you should be in Draw Stance with the enemy's Daze about to wear off soon, Press (2) Raid or (LBM) Flicker to play it safe. If you wait too long your opponent will recover out of the daze and be able to act. You don't want this. You want them to stay CC'd for the entire duration. 5) (Optional step) Press (X) Blade Storm to apply a debuff on your opponent. This debuff will increase the damage dealt by your (RMB) Honed Slash. If you choose this route, you can do x1 Honed Slash before your CC expires. 6) If you skipped the optional step, you are gonna want to do x2 Honed Slashes, followed by Raid or Flicker stun, depending on which one you used earlier. 7) Do x2 more Honed Slashes 8) Press Tab Lunar Slash to daze them for 3 sec. 9) Do 2-3 more Honed Slashes 10) Press (3) Five Point Strike to daze your opponent for another 2 seconds, and switch you back into Basic Stance. 11) LMB Breeze 1 or 2 times, then press (F) Take Flight to launch your opponent up into the air 12) RMB Heavenly Dance to follow up your launcher 13) Press (Z) Blitzblade Scourge to tack on some more damage 14) Finish the combo off with a LMB Ascend to finish off the combo. Here is the step by step button sequence for the combo: 2 > V > C > V > 4 > 2 > X > RMB > LMB > RMB > RMB > Tab > RMB > RMB > 3 > LMB > LMB > F > RMB > Z > LMB And there you have it! Now remember, this is only a template, not something set in stone. You can adapt the combo to make it work for you. The combo can be performed many different ways, this is just an example, and imo, the easiest way to 100-0 your opponent in arena. Have fun!!!
  14. Stats - actual numbers?

    We get +20% Crit Damage buff while in Draw stance.
  15. Stats - actual numbers?

    That's some nice Crit/CritDmg you got there! Is that in Basic stance, or Draw stance?