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  1. you may say the gems hardly do anything, but apparently not. most new players will not have the advantage of gems, nor know what these bosses do. Regardless, new people will eventually overcome it.
  2. Thats basically the gist of it. We simply cannot be trusted with it, so we have to deal with the consequences.
  3. honestly, it just means certain dungeon dailies will be ignored. it will also make killing certain world bosses a pain in the butt. but hey what can you do, right?
  4. that's NA/EU curse. they don't like mechanics so they will do everything in their power to make sure their only job consists of dpsing down the boss.... I mean I guess if that's your idea of fun PvE content, I won't judge you.
  5. I don't like to call everything trolling. Im with you on maybe half the stuff, but the religion thing is where you lost me.
  6. There are a lot of problems with the game, how bad you think the Yun look isn't one of them. Yes, there will always be more jin out of all because like I said they are the default race and have the most options when it comes to classes.
  7. Only you see something wrong with Yun. Just because people don't share your opinion it doesn't make them blind. And yes there will always be more of the DEFAULT race than any other in most cases. There are more pressing problems with the game than your perceived imperfections with the Yun race.
  8. Maybe you should have spent more time on your Yun if she is so ugly. You're not in a position to demand anything from the devs. The models are half a decade or so old, so there are likely no plans to change them.
  9. They will be considering it for test dummies. the problem with test dummy dps is that that is dps in a perfect scenario (excluding bad ping) where you don't have to worry about boss mechanics or in BMs and KFMs case, having to block/counter attacks or dodging aoes for melee in general. It gives a false impression that this is the DPS every class should be pulling no matter what boss. They said they would consider it for test dummies based on feedback, either way.
  10. Jin females used to have an arms crossed pose, but it was changed because people (koreans) complained it covered their character's breasts >>
  11. There is already a 10th class coming eventually. NCsoft has already said it won't be a class already seen/used in-game whether by us, the npcs, or any hybrid.
  12. hey AMD FX-4100 Quad core Lowest settings (not the one for older pc's in the basic graphics options.) I get 20 fps in open world, and 30 when by myself in an instance 20 with hide characters. My computer isn't that old. it was built for me maybe...3-years ago? this game is around the same age( had to check But then again the only game i had stable fps on was WoW until the recent 7.0 patch. I've heard that there really isn't much they can do with the engine though.
  13. The closest you can get to a similar weapon is the Lycan Sword/Lynblade. similar color scheme, but slightly different katana based model.
  14. Someone linked this in a stream earlier, citing the eye-patch character as being Poharan's mother.
  15. That's not the reason people complain about narrows. people complain if, during the course of you speed running, leave mobs behind (Assassins are guilty of this) and killing people who are trying to cross the bridge because you pulled the boss. People complain about people being jerks in Narrows. Also, if you join through the f8 and then leave. that's pretty scummy yeah. Especially when you can simply teleport there anyway. On topic: There are many people with conflicting opinions and interest. You cannot satisfy every person. It is impossible. the most you can do is tr
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