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  1. At least with the old system you could buy a specific box for the piece you needed from the merchant.This new rng system even from the merchant is pure crap!I've spent several more hours farming piece 8 true poh since I made this post and still nothing.I'm about to cancel my premium and just find another game to play at this point.It really sucks too because I do enjoy Blade and Soul but the rng is just a waste of my time(and my money from buying premium membership) at this point and it's not worth the aggravation.It might also be worth mentioning that I've been playing BnS for around 5 years
  2. I wont even mention the time I spent 11k gold to upgrade my soul from +6 to +11.I spent 11k gold on a +6 soul to end up with with a +6 soul.message to new players.don't bother upgrading or farming anything unless you have alot of real money to spend!
  3. I've run this dungeon far to many times and spent thousands of emblems trying to get soul shield piece 8.all i get is piece 7.and the random upgrade chance on the weapon has to go.spent almost 4k gold to try to get my +6 weapon to +11 just to watch it fall to +3 more than once.remind me again why I should play your game?I spend hours farming just to throw my gold and mats in the trash.I'm at the point of quitting this game as it is no longer fun.Perhaps the biggest waste of mats and gold invested in upgrading anything now a days is to just sell it to dragon express and stop playing this game.
  4. I've farmed 25-30 keys at least since basin got updated.I got the 1k gold one time.lol
  5. We're not talking about black desert.We're talking about bns here.and the lack of support this thread has generated tells me there will be no change to the game system.get used to the crap rng of bns people!I sent in a ticket and they literally told me to start a post on the BnS forums so here I am and no 1 cares enough to comment on this matter.
  6. I started out with a +8 soul tonight and decided I would go for +11.After 11k gold I ended up with a +8 soul.This rng upgrade crap has to stop!I literally don't even want to play anymore after this.I sent in a ticket and they said they can restore less than 300 gold and very few mats compared to what I spent.The new dungeon drops random gear that isn't even class specific.are we meant to run this new dungeon until the end of time until we get our class gear and then spend thousands of gold trying to upgrade it?#how to kill your game!
  7. In Moon Refuge doing the "Zavnar zeal" quest,the mobs at Moontide bay don't play the confirmation sound when they are killed.The sound is played when picking up loot from the "mid bummer nights dream quest though.
  8. Ive been hearing people say that we should remove our weapon skins,pet skins and all gear from our characters for this patch,Is that true?
  9. They should have announced this gold nerf after trove.I was going to spend money on it but now I'll just keep my money.I imagine alot of players won't be spending on trove now.
  10. Agreed!I went to great trouble to get my training done and keeping my received items,and quest letters cleaned out to avoid the annoying pop ups and now this...At least let us disable it or something.
  11. The recovery image D: is a separate partition created by windows for system recovery data and the only way to merge or get rid of it is to format the drive(losing all data on that drive) and then reinstalling windows again and customizing the install to put all the info on one partition.I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have a copy of windows and are fairly confident with your computer knowledge.Looking at the game folder on my PC it is almost 52Gb and that isn't including other folders for saved screen shots etc. so the game uses a lot of disk space.
  12. I've been playing Soul fighter for around two years and have always had an issue with unresponsive skills.When I press the button on the keyboard I can see the skill icon register the button press but the skill doesn't always go off.Happens mainly with Q,E,SS,V and F but happens with other skills sometimes as well,It's very frustrating.to be specific I play ice spec.Ping isn't the issue as I usually have 70-100ms on average.I've heard other Soul Fighters say they have the same issue with the class and was wanting feedback from every one here that plays soul Fighter for input on this issue.I se
  13. I'm having the same issue this morning.I collected mine between 1pm-4pm,basically right after servers came back up yesterday. *Edit:I logged in again a few hours later and they reset
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. :) after using Tiger bracelet for a while now I think I'll keep it.Works well enough for what I do and my dps is decent.
  15. I play frost soul fighter and am kind of confused by the recent changes.After the patch dragon was only earth(so I farmed for the unrefined bracelet for many hours and spent 70 gold to change it) and tiger was frost,now they updated it again and dragon shows both frost and earth...Which one is best for frost build now?
  16. My only complaint is the bracelet change.it was recommended that I get dragon as frost build so I did.got it to stage 9,now it's useless...Spent alot of gold on legendary jewels to get it to stage 10 so I could swap to tiger only to find out you can only get unrefined bracelet needed for the exchange from mushins tower 20th floor...I can't beat 20th floor so I guess I'm just screwed and stuck with a worthless bracelet?Even if I do manage to get the unrefined bracelet it cost's 100 (70 with premium) gold to change it to tiger...That's a lot of gold for a casual player that could be used for upg
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