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  1. You don't know how advanced these bots are now. They can go infinite stealth, and even if they don't appear to be in stealth, your skills can't hit them. And they can follow you anywhere you go. I have encountered a few such hackers just now. There's simply no way at all beating them.
  2. I know how frustrate it's. I pvp a lot and keep encountering hackers and bots. PVP is becoming meaningless.
  3. Hack Summoner

    I just met such hack summoner a few times. It was going infinite stealth and my skills couldn't hit him. And it could follow me all the time. I just gave up when encountering them. Reported them but I don't know if they'll get banned. Even if they did get banned, these people will simply create new accounts and keep hacking.
  4. I just reached platinum using my summoner. I am far from server with close to 300 ping.
  5. Have been playing tag matches and it's horrible. Half are bots. These bots don't move or fire skills. If bots are in the other team I get a free win. When bots are in my team, I just give up.