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  1. alright everyone I was stupid. For those who may stuck with the same problem, if you buy Chi Flux Stone from marketplace; make sure you receive it from your mail first and then the arrow will appear. good luck
  2. Hello everyone, I have a problem with 40000 windwalk purple quest: A long walk with the wind i did accept the quest in Quest letters, bought Chi Flux Stone as well but when i went all the way to dragonscale, there is no purple arrow and though i tried going to where he is supposed to be, he is nowhere to be found. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Can someone tell me what to do to get this done I need help, please ;___;
  3. ahhh I see :D Really appreciate your answer but that doesn't mean he mightn't block me too right? Hmm we got a little fight before each others go to cross serv dun. I might try to whisper him but if it doesn't help, its fine. I can understand a situation now thank to you :) Thanks a lot XD
  4. Ive added some player as a friend since we are cool to farm dailys together. but yesterday he just disappeared ...from my friendlist. So I search his character's name and found it. I dont wanna think that did he block me but also I dont know how to explain this too. Maybe because of the maintenance? but others are still there in my frinedlist. so I wanna know that if he block me, Can I still see his name in searching? and if he block me so now I cant contact him in any other ways right? Thx for reading my probs and the answer :(
  5. To elliv What's gold spammers? I really have no idea :O I want because I want everything to just be simple as it should be. and I'm a newbie. This is the first time I play this game. I hope you understand :(
  6. Well, I just hit level 11. I searched the forums and it appeared that there were some chat issues after some patch. and I saw " i think chat opens back at lvl 11 ncsoft messed up and blocked all chat options below lvl 1" Now I'm lvl 11 but I still cant chat with anybody. What should I do? Is there any way to help me. Somebody help me pls. :( or Maybe i should uninstall and then install game again? Perhaps?
  7. but now I'm lvl 11 and I still cant chat. What should I do?
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