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  1. I haven't done much PvP lately, but if anything, I feel warlock is a great match-up for we BMs! Maybe I haven't met many good warlocks but I mostly win against them, the only annoying part is about those standing on their familiar. Basically, Storm said everything: they have almost no anti-CC skills (F roll/hard escape/familiar switch on a really long CD), so you can land easily your CCs. The most important time at which you must defend is during the sanctum/bastion skills; bastion can easily be ruined if you happen to have cyclone ready and land a deflect/block (5 resists for bastion, cyclone
  2. Though I enjoy playing my main character (BM), I doubt I'll wait next year to stop. Might renew for a month my subscription, not sure I will once summer's over. Besides the usual reasons (random disconnects, bad pings, lack of optimization of the game's engine), the game goes way too far into the farming for my taste. Obviously, that fact alone makes it unfriendly to having alts, the weeks (not to say months) I already spent on my main are worthless to my alts, which would require the same amount of time to progress and become eligible for endgame content - no way, just no, far too
  3. Regarding our pull > windwalk RMB, since it isn't that much reliable for the issue you mentioned, personally I no longer use it and just head in with LMB (flying sparrow). Not the most reliable skill as well but I find it to be less predicted by players, and that still gives me a free airborne if the opponent doesn't fire his tab escape. Since I'd be following anyways with either a defensive phase, either a CC phase, it would cover take flight's CD. For your second point, well, it can't be helped, the description of their buff says that they would only be protected within the sa
  4. Haha, indeed, still that should work against any target without those CC bars such as 8F mushin, laid back runs ahead! *.*
  5. Nah, just as I was saying, it'll be prevented from happening against such targets (looking at the description of the badge, "joint technique unavailable"). :)
  6. Not sure if I understood you well, but if you meant you could in PvE begin the stun sequence through flash step (or complete it) on a boss, the description of the soul badge clearly says it'll be prevented (unless I misread something?). ^^ Anyways, considering you can get a free long-lasting and highly damaging CC (even if it doesn't apply to bosses), I'd go for flash step as well. An iframe on soaring falcon would be great but since it'll indeed turn into a CC+stance switch skill once the HM versions are out, too many utilities within one skill mean some of them would be wasted. Besides,
  7. @Stormpooper Haha, sorry 'bout that huge chunk of text, once I begin throwing ideas together I can't stop until I feel like I've considered almost every fact revolving around what I'm talking about. xD I've been away from the game & forums for a few weeks so indeed, I didn't read many other posts especially when many of them are duplicates (and I don't follow anyone, we all have better to do with our time than following someone). Well, I guess I should've made a quote, I was replying to you saying "there are no exact numbers in lightning vs fire damages", which in my eyes felt easy to
  8. @Stormpooper Though I do agree this sir Bacon's comment amounts to flaming, unfortunately with the recent update, you can hardly say lightning is still on par with fire. :/ I mean, dragontongue no longer has any CD during blade storm. If you already had an ally using a grab/grapple/grip skill, you could experience the terrifying burst it allowed, which we can now realize on our own; I managed to land 7 hits without CD, so not counting the 8th that finally triggered the CD (I used lightning draw once out of the draw stance from the first 4 uses since it's far quicker than using an evade or
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