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  1. I just discovered that since the maintenance on last Wednesday my game does not save screenshots anymore. It still gives the printed filename in chat and the voice message, but no file is created (Folder has 23 GB free space) . Anyone else having that issue too ? Can be checked by just trying to create 2 screenshots , it will print the same filename each time instead of increasing the number part by one.
  2. another week of waiting then ?
  3. so all i need to do on my alts, that where a bit behind on Soul Boost, is to do 2 clears of Chaos Supply Chain STAGE 5 ? The same CSC 5 that people call 3.5K AP for ? NICE
  4. Since the emergency maintenance i get regular game frezze/crashes on loading screens (about 75%)
  5. Did the objectives get marked as completed aka locked ?
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