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  1. Why is it some players can't be looked up on F2 or character lookup?
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has seen that when you write in a character's name on F2 it won't find the character even though it's a real character. So some people's alts are not searchable. If the person speaks and you click the name it comes up. But if you just put in the name on the F2 search for some people they are unsearchable. I am not sure, but I have the impression it is usually smurfs who don't want their alts names known. Other than that it's just random and some characters can't be looked up. I was wondering if anyone knew wh
  3. Look their response that makes no sense. Here is a copy paste of my first ticket ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (17107917) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Luminosity Feb 1, 07:04 PST Hello, Hi, by accident I bought the flame Black Gem and I needed the Shadow one. Would it possible to have it changed please to the Shadow one or let me buy it again. Because I need the Shadow, the Flame is useless. Thank you,
  4. Hello, I accidentally made a Flame and I needed a Shadow. How can I have someone change it. It sucks I can't play it now. I can't play it until it's changed. I can't believe I did it. I was wondering if there is a GM on too. Thank you everyone, /Max
  5. Hi Everyone, I wanted to raise whether we could still get maybe one or another bikini outfit or the Naga bikini type outfit. Just for us to have them available again for purchase at a near coming time. Just because they were available for a certain period of time and now we may not have gotten some of the ones we wanted. Personally, I realized they're kind of good. So I don't know if there would be a possibility to be able to buy them later, without having to wait too long. Thanks everyone,
  6. Thank you, thanks for replying to my opening post by the way. Yes, I can't farm evolved stone in ssp except at late night time only and that's just very few if any. Because with the lag and 100 people there I cannot get credit for the kill. So again I cannot and I don't know about other people but SSP unless it's night time and night time the crimson usually doesn't win so it's a chance that we'll get it. I'll keep trying that route though. Yeah, I do have the timer website for CB. They just haven't been dropping often. I know the answer in the end is to wai
  7. Yeah; was the currency exchange broken on purpose? Right after merge it's useless. Why even have it.
  8. But I mean, I do see the changes now for evolved stones, so. I'm going to see if that Trobical Griffin boss is easier to drop them. Now the radiant energies spike to 40 gold or 70 gold.
  9. Well I am at Raven 5, and the elysian crystals is a long grind and most you get from HM store. Radiant energies and evolved stones are just plain non grindable almost. At least at this point right now. My soul is stage 9. So U see where I'm at and it's almost a hard way to go about it. Radiant energies I need to get my gems to hexa and make my diamond. And now they're 20 gold each so. I mean I see an odd road ahead for now I think.
  10. Lol, all these white knights defending NCSoft when the OP is totally making a right point in the difference between EU and NA maint. times.
  11. Everyone, Ever since this last day's update the currency exchange has long lists of posts for selling, for example, 2 gold for hm coin. About 30 posts of this then another 30 posts selling 4 gold for hm coin. And so on and on. All these at the minimum gold price possible. This makes the exchange unable to be used unless you're converting ncoin to gold. This appeared only just after the server merge update. Is this going to be fixed to where it was before this update or are we forced to buy Ncoin every single day to buy the mats
  12. They could fix it; They could add an in combat/out of combat button; an option to request duel so u kill someone and can escape if ur escape is on cooldown. There are several options even if technically they can't fix it. They don't seem interested or to care at all. The same way they don't care about any other issue whatsoever; they don't care from korea, this is about milking for as much money. Apparently that's it.
  13. Hi Everyone, So they talked about making evolved stone more available, but they remain the same price, actually even more expensive, now that they supposedly drop from CB bosses. Now the rate is so low that it's almost worthless doing it. So to get our oils we have virtually no way of getting the mats. Who is thinking these things out? We have virtually no reason for even playing. We need Radiant energies and Evolved stones. Prices are higher than ever and no way of working for them. We need Elysian Crystals now also. At the present
  14. Haiii, I wanted to request and ask among other fellow players if we could receive better outfits from this event at least. Since the outfit selection for this game is really not great and the designs could be done much better really and not so censored on the behind. What I mean is the back of the female character outfits always have to have to some tails that don't go with it hanging out from it. They have to be more detailed and shiny and with fabric pieces moving around and floating around. Sort of the idea of the Noble of the Sea outfit. But in many different ways.
  15. Hi Everyone, Anyone know whether the new diamonds that can be crafted give only Attack Power diamonds or do they give a random from other stats type of diamonds, like evasion diamonds or block diamonds? Is the result from it only attack diamonds? I can't find where this is explained on patch notes or otherwise. Thank you everyone!~ /
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