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  1. It's a shame the game has rather poor optimization honestly....
  2. Ah I saw that quite a few times before the last nividia driver update... it was even doing that with simple games.. I haven't seen it since the last update though but that only happened when I started the game, yet it ran Fine afterwords
  3. I have yet to run any raids on here but I'm using Windows ten and an nivida 950 gtx and I haven't had any crashes since I started earlier this month...
  4. I have yet to see any end game content, I'm only level 39.. but from what dungeons i have run I get stable 60-53 fps on a nvidia 950 gtx every thing but AA turned up to max I have an Intel I7 6700 and 16 gigs of ram, now Blade and soul is installed on an SSD... not sure if that helps a lot
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