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  1. the gold income is to low because, the upgrade costs are so high, not because you cant farm and gain the mats for it.
  2. and you can easy farm the upgrade crystals. also you can upgrade the sttuff to +16 etc, and with the next one you can start at +11 and need less crystals, you need only 100 runs max. for both acc. from a dung. think on tc there was the cap 300 runs to buy it from a merchant. and the costs increased with more gold in the game, so you ask for more gold and expect no costs increase? the crystals are easy to farm, so dont say, the costs for this are increased dramatically, you can easy farm this stuff! a friend make now his skystealer braclet from +11 to +20
  3. kay gold inflating for what? all the stuff do you need to upgrad is easy to farm/grind. what do you need to buy? oils and scales? pet pods? fine but weapon and starcross upgrades are super easy to farm/grind.
  4. all raids on bm niveau, quest gold and gold chest from bosses the same like bm, and bring the hm gold chests back in the game and finally switch the starcross upgrade system to the skystealer upgrade system. much more gold/week and a no rng with the gear.
  5. the price is fine, you change the class, get all your stuff, compund, stones, outfits, unity etc etc. is there a whale char with 4,5k ap and change char, how many hours of grind, farming, playing, etc he has on it? BNS have this system. play one class and for another make a new char. This is since release the system. so in my opinion 8k (100 bucks) it´s fine for it. you safe a lot of grind and invest compare to play a char from zero to endgear.
  6. other point... no drops in HM runs? you can have no drop in fking HM RUNS?!??!?! easy mode okay it´s fine, it´s easy mode but in hard mode? rly?
  7. nc soft works on the gcd stuff in korea, the test some stuff to change that in future for all classes, warden 3rd spec has some of this changes already so we will see, if it works i think in the next year comes more fixes for more classes.
  8. lol, summoners cant longer use gcd, only nerf here is fixing cheating with this class xP, warlock get a fix kay, but hes after the fix also super strong xD wl is with meme badge broken af without only broken xDD so why the class chance vocher? because summoners cant use gcd and wl are now only broken instead of broken af? xD
  9. aufwertung ist es nicht mehr direkt, es is einfach ein verbessern, kurzgesagt man kann den schmuck bis auf +20 ziehen, dafür benötigt man zum bsp die fusionstones und paar mats welche aus den demonsbane inis man farmen kann. mit jeder steigerung is die rate fürs erfolgreiche steigern geringer. is recht einfach und hat man schnell raus ^^
  10. not all have the gear to do 41?? wtf, finish soulboost and you can oO it´s poosible to run 41 with 4 ppl, if the finished the soulboost....
  11. it´s normal higher stage higher droprate, low stage low drop rate, and 21 is a super low stage... theres 80 stages so 21 is a super low stage, thats like easy mode in the old dung system... so i think it´s fine if you dont have drops or only super lucky drops... also like i said, you can only drop all items in a chest under 31 and the chest has a super super low drop chance... neck and gloves drops only at 31+. poha have so much drops of oyurse you have many drops... theres 2 gem chests, 3 sschests true and 3 ss chests legy. thats a lot of legy drops... you need 8 soul
  12. ehm... if you run only f21... sry dont cry about it xP if you have not the gear for f31+ this isnt your content and the gear you should focus on it. i have 3k ap and run aero 21 solo easy. and can run 31 with a friend at the same gear score, think sub can i clear solo f31. but if you cant run f 31 with your gear... this gear dont should be your focus... last acc. drops are on stage 31+ i think neck in aero and gloves in sub drops only at stage 31+. so i think it´s normal that you dont have all the gear from this dungeons. i mean... with the gear form the soulboost and
  13. wtf you are talking? xD i known nobody who needs more than 70 runs to get all items form aero and sub xP and all drops between 21 and 41 xD the droprate is fine. i understand the account limit this is really ridiculous and should be 1 or 2 per character but the drop rate is really fine there. i have in sub and aero together maybe 300-350 runs and see around 20 drops. so the drop rate is really not that bad xP and it´s not only me, 90% of my clan has the same drop rate. i understand that you maybe can only run stage 21- max 30 with an alt so it´s fine if you can buy on
  14. and. nc west can do something... we have the patch from 15. dec 2021.. if they look 2-3 patches in korea ahead... they can see.. oh there was a bug and the fix it 2 weeks later, dont let us bring the same bug in the game... that isnt that much work...
  15. nice that every dmg problem lands here but not one reply from nc west... nice... no answers or reacts from nc... comes a fix? is there any nerfs on classes? etc etc etc...
  16. i know... but nc soft to a great job at the moment, but nc west not..., dont read the patch notes or look on the next 2-3 patches in korea... a friend (sf) write a ticket with all this informations... the answer: you have a problem, make a file check, that can helps. He just write the sf problems and when they fix it in korea xP so they can look at it and maybe fix this problem fast. BUT... they dont read obviously the tickets from the player base.... look at nc soft what the to for the game with the soulboost and with fast fixes etc... and than at nc west...
  17. they fixed it in korea an 19. jan. that means maybe the patch with the fix comes in 4 weeks to us but i think... they dont loot at this... and this comes in 9-10 weeks, er war on korea patch from 15. dec.2021, next patch in korea was on 29.dec. thats the 3rd spec gun buff, and 19.jan. the sf bug fixes. we become all 4-5 weekes a patch update... so... we well see how long this bugs are in the game..
  18. okay it´s not only the dps meter!, nope, sf have some bugs with his badges, sin idont know but i los dps it´s not possible that for everyone else the dps meter is correkt and for me not xP i play with friends... and there is something thats wrong with the dmg and not only the dps meter. if a friend that burst now with the same dmg like me and befor the badge 30-40 mil less than me... nope thats not the dps meter xD
  19. dont want to see that xD, but if i see that my dps is 30%-40% lower now im a little scared xD but if its really a dps meter bug, its fine 😃
  20. Burst: Befor update: 70-100 mil After Update: 40-50 mil DPS in Dung: Befor Uptade: 50-65 mil After Update: 30-42 mil WTF HAPPEING???!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!!? Im a sin, a friend (sf) have the same problem. FIX THIS FAST! And no it´s not only in the new dung. or demonsbane etc, everywhere! DPS BURST in Sub with instant breaker: Befor update: up to 120 mil After Update: up to 70 mil DPS at the end of the figth as Tank (sin): Befor update: 58-60 mil After Update: 40-45 mil
  21. @Green Stormamazing! im super happy now! THE FIRST GUY from nc who play really this game and make his experience by himself! love you already!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!
  22. lucky guys xD 60k gold, 2 new items on +9 and all others on +6 xDDD
  23. 1. tower of inifinity is super old content (lvl 45 lvl cap) for soul badges, no need for new soul badges (new raid item) 2. is fixed in korea also the gdc on sum, comes in the next 2 months to us 3. cat taunt are useless xP summoner have the same resists like other ranges and a super good dps, why do you need a taunt? you dont need a taunt on sum since 3 years xDD
  24. WTF!?! this scales are nearly imbossible to farm... you need hundreds for the heart and can farm 1 per week if you're ultra mega super lucky? WTF!!!! @Green Storm who have this super stupid idea?? nc soft: "heart is to easy to upgrade for midgame players... let it make imbossible!!!"
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