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  1. Why does it bother you that much? Do childish looking characters turn you on? If so, you might have a problem.
  2. FM is the stongest, by far. Biggest DPS, best party buffs, best hp regeneration.
  3. You are fully pve geared but yet you can't win against lvl 30 summoners as KFM? Sorry to break your world but you probably just suck at pvp and should stay in Cold Storage farming your HM levels forever. The ONLY bad matchup for you is Assassin. Kfm can win against other class in the game (granted a good BM will be though but totally beatable). EDIT: after having read your post a second time, it's so full of blantant garbage that it might actually be a troll attempt... I hope it is, for your sake.
  4. I'll list it for you but be aware that you can do it yourself pretty easily by checking your skill list in game and your achievement menu (U => character => skills). Everything is decently well explained for once. - Hongmoon pellet (clan craft) + various consumables ("Ocean life force", etc) unlocks Stage 1 and 2 of Straight jab. - Volume 1 (300 reclaimed pages + achievement vendor - need 1450 achiev points - OR 60k zen beans; vendor at mushin tower OR Battle points (6v6 currency); vendor at mushin tower unlocks stage 1 and 2 of Elbow smash. - Volume 2 (fateful tome
  5. Well, yes Warlock heals "decently". It's still NO WAY near as much as FM's frost fury (which can be spammed).
  6. "u can earn 600 ap relatively easy?" bwahaha yea sure, try to convince yourself you aren't simply a big nerd (or a cashshoper) ;)
  7. Nope, nope et nope (un sin peut quasi perfect un Sum s'il sait ce qu'il fait et gère ses iframes...). Et nope pour le Sin contre FM non plus, c'est avantage FM. C'est d'ailleurs le seul matchup défavorable pour le Sin mais c'est en rien impossible pour lui de gagner. T'es probablement pas plus haut que Silver toi :/ (no offense).
  8. Insane dps with one of the biggest hp regen in the game combined with a high number of iframes to dodge bosses' attacks. Simple as that.
  9. Specificities: Fm: 2 stances, very high mobilty, very high damage, usefull defensive party buffs SUmmoner: no moblity, high damage, cat can tanks 3 world bosses alone Warlock: no mobilty, very high damage, pet doesn't do much in pve All 3 ranged class are broken and *cricket* easy to play in PVE. Summoner and Fm can solo almost ANY high level content (seriously) while Warlock can't but provides an omega buff of doom for your whole party every 3 minutes.
  10. Ah bon? Et quoi c'est précisement l'anti-classe du Sin? P.S. Inutile de te triturer les méninges, le Sin est l'une des rares classe à n'avoir aucune anti-classe (avec le FM).
  11. Ohhhhh I was searching for the finals but couldn't find it. Thanks a lot!!
  12. Realise that the counter is absolutely worthless most of the time because there are SOOOO many charge disable skills in this game (I don't have the hongmoon yet). Good point about the other path of the resist though, hadn't think about that!
  13. "Bnstree.com" is your best friend. But to answer your question, it's called "self defense chi", 5 resists for 5 secondes and 45 sec cooldown.
  14. Ce que Taxss t'as répondu est correct :/. C'était un event lors de la maj du Warlock. Là, ils ont juste mis un bonus +50% exp moisies sur les dailies (en plus de mettre qu'un slot d'emplacement de base de gemme pour les armes... merveilleuse idée n'est-ce pas). Bref, tout ça pour dire que NCsoft sait absolument ce qu'ils font pour garder leur clientèle et attirer de nouveaux joueurs.
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