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  1. I would love for some of the blue quest to come. but i really liked the daily quests even in the lower lvl areas to get the naryu coin to save for getting the keys off the dragon express to be able to get the class weapon. I really think that taking much of the story line away wasn't really a good idea for some of the blue quest did add a little depth to the entire of the game and it help you understand why you are fighting to save the world.
  2. I have played the new gunslinger and realize there are a lot of new weapons out there that my already lvl 50 is missing out, like the bamboo weapons that look great with the uniform or the other weapons,like the pinnacle weapons. I would be nice if there was a vendor that would sell the weapons that you can't get either thru the wheel or fortune or from dungeon boss drops. i like the look of some of the weapons and i am a big fan of weapon skins .
  3. ok you have to be standing right next to the person or npc that gave you the quest and press F10 and it will update just did it.
  4. I was just saying that why pay for something that is already in the game it self not purchased in the web store two different things. Yes a premiume account should get like extra stuff like an edge off other players so how is the wardrobe an edge its not. NCsoft should think about setting up a care package for people who want to spend the money to play like a cool pet or outfits along with pots and other items that will help like up grades to the new weapon system which now cost more to upgrade weapons in the game then it did with the old system it like now we have to get more items to up grad
  5. I think that Blade and Soul need to open this option up to all and not just for people who pay to play the game. if a game is going to be free to play then all option that are in the game open to all not just to people that pay to open it up. I can see the premium packages good for like get a discount in the online store or to get items to boost their play but not open options that are already in the game. I think it should be available to all and not the people who pay for it. it doesn't give an edge to players so why make it an option to people that pay for it .
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