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  1. i know im going a bit off topec myself aswell. but thats the reason there are only 2 servers left with questionable population.its not me who i have to feel grateful because im offered a game. its them that should feel grateful that i play their game. there are far better games if i want to play something else and i can do just aswell without any of them. but feeling like a second class citizen because what i want doesnt mean squat and i have to follow only what the koreans like wont make me spend any dimes on this game, and i will only play whats free and for how long i enjoy it , not support
  2. Do we have any info if they ever going to lift the race restrictions on classes? i wanted to play summoner but i cant stand lyns
  3. Hi guys.i recently made a female jin bm and im very pleased with the outcome.now i wanted to make another one exactly the same but i dont remember were i put all the things.since its a char of mine is there a way i could copy them?
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