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  1. I run 4 characters presently: warlock, summoner, force master, and blade master. I really enjoy each of them. must admit taking agro on the fm sucks though without a reliable block. before I moved servers I had 3 at 50 hm1-4. right now the 4 I have are in the mid to low 40's still grinding them back up to cap. I don't even have a true infernal weapon yet. I defiantly agree that trying to gear multiple characters is nuts. ill probably just get to awakened infernal accessories and try to get to awakened or true profane weapons and then just funnel all the money into a designated main
  2. I had 380 attack at 49 with true profane 10 and a sparkling pentagonal attack diamond (+25) on my warlock. I believe at 50 that value went up to 390 something. still it would be around 370 without the gem with just ur true profane weapon and infernal accessories. also some other classes have lower base attack values then warlock and would be lower still. 400 is not a sure fire result from hitting true profane.
  3. been reading this and there seems to be two camps. its too damn hard/expensive, and the quit crying its not broken its a feature. personally I duno why yall are so dang polarized. I personally don't like the cost curve. it was pretty easy and quest given rewards right up till infernal. from there to profane u had to start farming on ur own but it wasn't so bad. by siren u were farming more then a little, and by pirate people where considering if the amount of time needed to invest to farm up the mats to upgrade was worth the minor upgrade in actual stats. that exponentially increasing cost cur
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