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  1. NCSoft please no DPS meters. Dont need more elitism

    alright so I was debating on whether to respond to this or not but by the time I got to the end of it I kinda felt obligated. so lets that this one step at a time. ur right about the defensive "accomplishments" I don't know of many parcers that even bother to track defensive skills outside of hp healed, or I guess maybe for this game they could add a column for resist though I don't see how that would help u analyze or improve your play style. u honest to god lost me here. I understand tanking is the "agro" stat and that's a combination of total damage delt + any threat mods to that damage to increase said threat. what the heck do you mean by "So its just ridiculous fail idea"? as for support, I would define support as a role that actually helps someone else. im pretty sure Webster would back me up there. it has nothing to do with dps and everything to do with CC, healing, focus generation, parry (canceling enemy attack routines). anything that would give the party as a whole an advantage. no matter how small. for example summoners can be an incredibly powerful dps char and yet they are probably the best support class in the game, doom can either heal hp or recover a focus for the party. they have a root, double stun, and their cats can support a knockdown or grapple to lower boss defenses for the next 10 sec. its a fairly powerful support combo that in a party environment gives players time to "sandbag" on the boss, or drastically increases their damage, as well as either defensively maintain health, or boost dps rotations. so max dps is king? should I just stop using any form of cc on my chars then because I need to focus more on higher dps skills while neglecting the fact that the boss just agroed to a poor fm that running desperate circles trying not to get squished? I will caveat with those cc skills very well might save that FM's life. to that end should we applaud the fm in this example for doing a great job by being the highest dps since that's the only measure of performance defined by your post? what about the overall drop in dps of any non ranged party member who is now chasing the boss around because the fm is running laps? should we condemn or scorn their "low performance" because they did significantly less damage? should we be upset that the run took longer because of the overall dip in dps despite the FM's commanding performance? logic is a rather flexible term. it simple means, given a problem you use a set of beliefs to arrive at a conclusion. what u believe changes ur definition of logic and thus changes the conclusion u arrive at. by saying this quote you've basically said everyone who doesn't agree with your brand of reasoning just isn't up to the challenge of simple analytical thought processing. at what point do u realize you've gone off the path and are no longer trying to educate, or assist but are now simply looking down on and berating people for not agreeing with you? why not just spell it out and show them what you were thinking? if you present a strong argument your bound to change a few minds. I know I for one am always open to an alternate view. I hold no monopoly on reasoned thought. would u like me to define those? I don't think the terms kid or troll really have a place in this particular discussion but elitist, probably. I would have considered myself an elitist in the games I played while I used a parcer. I was not willing to settle for just "good enough" I wanted the "optimal" build. that desire to be the best and have the best, and be surrounded by the best does in fact meet the definition of elitism. if you disagree reply and leme know what you meant. elitism or the pursuit thereof can be applied to nearly anything we do in life. anything from having the fastest car to having the nicest house. if you look down on those trailer parks and turn straight to the expensive suburbs that in of itself is a form of elitism. to be clear in that example ur not going off the deep end into fanatical elitism but it is a form of it.
  2. Character Deletion Timer

    ....... im not a big fan of the 12 hour thing. what if we get hacked and the hacker decides to delete your characters after mailing off anything of value? 12 hours isn't a very long time. id say the majority of us are away from the computer for more than 12 hours every day between gaming sessions even if we play for several hours each day.
  3. Cold Storage Instance in other Regions

    so because you had a job at 16 everyone had a job by 16? had u spent more time studying and less time working u might have picked up on a few of the fallacies in that line of thinking. not guna press the point too hard though as I really have no interest in some random flame this troll that blah blah discussion. I do have a single question though. why do you believe it makes you "superior" when you pay money, compared with others who do not in an otherwise free to play game?
  4. WHEN Will Character Portraits Be Re-Enabled?

    because what you ask is not possible. what are you going to do restrict the file path to that of the bns folder in the pictures section of my documents? that just means people will move the pictures they want to upload to that file path and bam they upload. going to try to restrict the file type to only jpeg which is the default image type used by bns screenshots.... ok pretty much any image can be converted to nearly any type of image type. some do require a 3rd party program to convert the image but its far from hard much less impossible. maybe a image size issue? well the size of your image is dictated by your graphics settings. for example my images are all 1920x1080. restrict the image size to 500x500 and I have to use another 3rd party program to compress the image down to the "right" size, and that still doesn't stop anyone from doing the same to their "inappropriate" images. frankly I hope they just go to a simple avatar display like a few people mentioned before. it saves the headache, and you can view your friends avatar without having to move to them. yeah it takes away the "cute" anime pictures I see everyone running around with but you can always spend some more time in the character creation menu and make your character look like those images.
  5. Cold Storage Instance in other Regions

    please don't go down a p2w is for the committed or privileged or I duno people willing to spend some of their paycheck or w/e. I dun care about that. I got a job, I do occasionally spend money on my MMO but that isn't p2w that's just me buying inventory space or maybe a costume or w/e. saying that only people willing to spend money can be considered "gamers" (as if your earning some kinda title) is pretty discriminatory. did you consider yourself a gamer as a kid? im sure money was spent to get u those games but it certainly wasn't urs, it was mommy and daddies. by your logic your not allowed to be considered a gamer till at a minimum high school with a part time job or beyond with some type of income and a willingness to spend that income of video games. just to be clear I don't disagree with ur hobby comment for those of us that have the income to support our hobby. I just don't like dismissing anyone who as of yet doesn't have an income or doesn't have a sufficient income to warrant the expense. we all have expenses some more then others. who are we to judge how someone else spends their hard earned money?
  6. Well, the second Clan I joined...

    there is a separate forum just for clan recruitment if you want to look into that.
  7. Cold Storage Instance in other Regions

    that would be fine too. all for no reset either way, at the least im hoping for a once a day thing. more would be nice but I can deal with one per day. I get the feeling people are going to use this to whine about p2w and im going to avoid this forums for awhile. I refuse to explain the difference between convenience and "winning" as ive already done it like 3 or 4 times.
  8. Could we have a Report Bot button in "+" menu?

    there is a report button, walk to "within range" about 10 meters and hit ESC. the report option is near the bottom.
  9. Blade and Soul is so nice (ReX lvl30)

    really? ur guna insult everyone because you disagree? grow up. when you learn some maturity come back and write a real response.
  10. Cold Storage Instance in other Regions

    I personally don't like the idea of a way to go around the restriction, id rather have a 8 hour limit on it, so it could theoretically be run twice a day kinda thing at most. in the end it wont make me any diff, ill be running it once a day on 4 diff chars just to grind up some exp. Im not going to worry about it too much and im certainly not using any items or spending money on items to speed that up, unless they drop for free in other dungeons I run anyways. exp is a far cry less important then gold or mats for upgrades, but its useful enough and large enough quantity id defiantly run it for those skill points, the hm 100% exp bowl should work there if it is in fact 150k exp on kill it will boost that and u could make over a quarter million exp in a single run. that's good stuff!
  11. Blade and Soul is so nice (ReX lvl30)

    the gameplay in this game, skill customization, and the sprint skill are all amazing! I play this game strictly because I enjoy the combat system and gameplay. im not a big stickler for stats. these attack requirement stats honestly make me laugh and just shake my head sometimes, like 450 for bsh.... lol. if u need that big of a handicap.... the part people complain about is the lv 45+ gear upgrading. its because there is an exponentially harder material and cost curve. the increase in attack is fairly high per upgrade till you reach awakened profane. after that point the returns drop off massively and that's probably where I would stop for an alt character, weapon wise. for example awakened blight to true blight is 31 attack point different on upgrade and cost little to nothing. true infernal to awakened profane is a 28 point difference (still doing well despite increase in cost). awakened profane to true profane is a 1 point increase in attack yes that's ONE. true profane to awakened siren again 1 point increase. this 1 point increase continues forward from here and the price gets exponentially more expensive to the point of being prohibitive (unless you run a single char then your prolly fine). hope that wasn't taken as complaining just stating facts. if youd like to review the figures for yourself feel free to check out this web doc, I use it as my reference when im looking at mats and such for upgrades or need to plan out gear progression.
  12. Cold Storage Instance in other Regions

    you guys don't seem to realize how much exp cold storage gives. if the post I read about it was to be believed the optional 2nd boss you can spawn and kill is worth around 150k exp by itself. if we could spam it without break wed go from hm1 to hm10 in a few days. im sure there's some crazy people out there that would do it in a day with premium n such. point is giving THAT much exp is nuts in of itself. id rather have a cool timer of like 8 or 12 hours or w/e and just cycle chars, then have them nerf the crap outa the exp so I can run it repetitively for..... just another dungeon..... its unique, and its purpose as I see it is to help us power level our characters. I think it will be a nice addition to run once on each char, and if you only run a single char run it once and enjoy the personally I hatted HATTED running poh or bsh 10x times so I could try to get a weapon box or gun oil, or belts/braclets. I don't like the idea of making all dungeons once a day or twice a day or 6/12 hour cools or w/e but I can see why they would do it to this one if it gives as much exp as I was led to believe.
  13. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    I run 4 characters presently: warlock, summoner, force master, and blade master. I really enjoy each of them. must admit taking agro on the fm sucks though without a reliable block. before I moved servers I had 3 at 50 hm1-4. right now the 4 I have are in the mid to low 40's still grinding them back up to cap. I don't even have a true infernal weapon yet. I defiantly agree that trying to gear multiple characters is nuts. ill probably just get to awakened infernal accessories and try to get to awakened or true profane weapons and then just funnel all the money into a designated main. past that point, the cost for upgrading all of the gear is crazy expensive. right now I think brilliant hexagonal amethyst go for around 20m, and sparkling pentagonal attack diamonds around 10m. since ill want one each for all 4 characters that's 30m per char or 120m just for 2 gems per char. that's not even thinking about weapon upgrades. ill be farming 50 dungeons in junk gear without even a diamond to help probably for a few weeks to build up that much cash. after that I can start in on weapons upgrades. the one thing I have going for me is im intimately familiar with all the current dungeons so I can run them with my lowly stats. I took a look at the upcoming asura boss and he can hit for about 25-28k if u miss a dodge on the falling swords. so im not really sure which shield I should farm up prior to that. profane at 43. what about after? straight to naryu for the hp so u can survive asura or maybe just farm up the old moonwater arena shield?
  14. Friends List Fun

    ok wanted to know am i the only one who is having this friends list issues? i have friends who about two weeks ago split themselves on my list into 2 and 3 "people". by that i mean some of them are still only listen once while others are listed two or three times. unfortunately it can be a pain to figure out which of the 2 or 3 that are marked online for a given friend is actually the character their on. so is this just me or yall dealing with this fun too? has it been addressed yet by the mods and if so did they mention an eta on the fix?
  15. Limitation's.

    ok so I just realized exhaustion set in and I wrote x,y,and y..... shoulda been a Z..... maybe ill go to bed now