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  1. Promises about outfits and ofcourse no outfits!!!

    Hope these threads keep getting updated with what's being offered. I can't access the game at the moment, but I'm curious as to what's being sold in this 'event'. Sooo, thanks.
  2. assassin

    I did see a bunch of cool down increases. Those can hurt rotations a bit. Were they really that OP in pvp to need such an all rounder nerf?
  3. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    I happen to like Lyn. But to each their own. I DO suppose that Lyn assassin would require more than just switch a race selection button on. Sin, like destro and kfm, have grapples and other things that may require, with the current assets, characters of a certain size limit. This is all what I assume. I don't even know why they had to make BD instead of just flat out copying BD (does BD have any grapples?), but no complains from me on that one here. Gunner would have been a funny sight for Lyn, but it never crossed my mind to have it at that class. On the other side, Gon seems a more fitting race for it. I mean, they have FM, which is the most un-gon class you can give a gon...
  4. The ball is on NC's side. Those who use the edit will continue using it until it's made unusable and they find something else to up their game. Those calling it a cheat will continue doing so until, again, it's made unusable and they find another thing to call cheat. So really, this thread has been going in circles for awhile with no more real useful info other than we knowing which users are in favor or against it.
  5. Leveling Guide ?

    This is also what I meant about blues. If you need some more exp for a level, go for them. If not, skip. Full F2P account will get less exp but the difference isn't large enough to make you want to either get premium or hoarding all blue quests. As for weapons and accessories, yes, hongmoon weapons and accessories were all removed. Now the quests give you level appropriate stuff. When reaching the scorching sands area, it's advised to get the gold deva weapon. It's not needed but it helps speed up your fights. Profane weapon is in my opinion less needed, because by the time you reach that area, you will be close to receive your Ivorymoon weapon. So if you use up your profane essences and get no weapon, just skip and do story until you get Ivorymoon, which will be given to you on your first visit to Mushin's tower. Once you get Ivorymoon, only upgrade it up to level 5 until the story itself gives you the breakthrough weapon needed for 6 and up. Once you do that, upgrade up to 10, and wait again for the story to give you all the materials and breakthrough weapon for Awakened Ivorymoon. Once there, buy a silverfrost transformation stone from the market (or obtain it any other way) and upgrade your weapon. This will also happen for True Ivorymoon. The story will give you all mats. You only need the transform stones.
  6. can i get Temptation outfit for my warlock ?

    My exact same feeling when you see the class preview wearing an outfit you may never be able to obtain because of 'reasons'.
  7. Wardrobe Access Across Characters

    We'd all love a better functioning wardrobe, and some games have fixed their cosmetics department because of that. For example, look at Guild Wars 2. Their current system makes everything you wear, including shop outfits, account bound, and they are always available to all your characters. You buy the outfit once and all your characters can automatically wear it. Same with all pieces of gear and weapon skins. While I know NC wouldn't go THAT far with it, making transferring of outfits between characters, at least those on a premium account, should be made easier. Another option would be to have a actual account bank that all your characters can access. So we can toss all account bound items there. I'm getting tired of having to mail stuff between characters.
  8. is the game dead or something ?

    The side quests are mainly to chip in some extra experience points along the way. They are not completely mandatory, but as you level up, you get more skills, and if you can push leveling up a bit earlier to get some of those skills on your side in case you get into a tough story battle or side boss, the better. Money-wise, you start racking up a good amount of gold as soon as you hit Silverfrost mountains. All in all, a new character can earn about 80+ gold from level 1 to HM6 after act 7.
  9. Leveling Guide ?

    Welcome back. Right now, you don't need to upgrade anything through story mode until the last few levels, where you will get a weapon called Ivorymoon. From 1 to 45, story mode will reward you with slightly weaker but still level appropriate weapons and gear, enough to advance through it. Near the end of story (chapters 5 and up) Story mode quests will give you almost all the materials to upgrade the Ivorymoon weapon to Awakened Ivorymoon and up to True Ivorymoon. The only things you need to get by yourself are 3 Silverfrost transformation stones which you can easily get from the market. Story mode also gives you enough gold to buy them. Accessories from story mode cannot be upgraded, but you get a set of Sterling, Ivorymoon, then Lucent, which are good enough to start the first dungeons of end game with. Other than that, the game itself now has something called HongMoon training arena. You access it through an icon in the lower menu. It presents you with combos and skills for you to perform and train. You start accessing it from level 15. From then on, new lessons are added at levels 25, 35 and 45. This won't teach you rotations, but you can learn some essential skills for your class. As for soloing, right now any class can solo easily through story and some dailies. Sin is actually labeled as an expert class because for all those feats we hear people do with them about soloing the hardest dungeons, you need to maintain stealth pretty much 100% of the time, so you need to learn to flow from stealth trigger to stealth trigger effortlessly. Now, the other two classes I have personally found very easy to solo with are Summoner and Force Master. Summoner is a ridiculously safe class to play solo with, as your familiar has the ability to hold aggro for a few seconds and that ability has a very short cool down. Force master is, on the other hand, very easy to rack tons of damage with, even with low end gear. Plus is has good CC. Hope this helps you on your journey.
  10. is the game dead or something ?

    You won't find much people at level 22. As you level up, you will come across a few 6 man dungeons that you can try solo or you can try queuing for a party through Cross Server. Those dungeons are not needed for story and don't offer much to help you level up, so you only miss the "been there" feel. A few can be soloed even if they are 6 man stuff. Others may be a bit more difficult or impossible to solo as soon as you reach them. Some allow you to enter into less difficult story mode versions. All in all, no part of the story needs you to be in a party. So I recommend focusing in story and side quests until you get max level. The story allows you to end up roughly at level 50 HM6. HM stands for HongMoon level and is the leveling up that happens after hitting level 50. Game's far from dead or empty, but the population is not very large either, and most of it is already alts, max level tryhards and whales who are already maxed out in everything. There's an event in Celestial Basin, which is an area you will have to start after doing all of the story (from where you get your starter end game weapon and gear). This is where you will find a lot of players. Others are either in dungeons or queuing for them in Cross Server, so you won't see them in world.
  11. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    While you may be right, nothing should stop the flow of opinions and ideas. Why? because I refuse to believe that Western input has had a right out ZERO value for Korean MMO makers throughout the years. I don't know which or what Western idea has made it into any of the pile of Asian mmos we have seen in the past decade, but I believe that numbet isn't a plain zero.
  12. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    To me, I don't care what race the NPC gunners are. Just that Gon gunner should be made a reality.
  13. Game is unplayable after the update

    I like this explanation. The whole thing with SS numbers on Korea and China is a sure way to prevent cheating. But here in the West and I'd assume in EU as well, too many people would be complaining about privacy issues and they'd be doing so with fair reason. Hard to trust your most sensitive identity information to just a game company. If corruption and ID theft has happened in banks and even government installations, where there should be more security, imagine if MMO publishers started asking for SS numbers and the like just to join their games... So yeah. Sadly, there's little NC can do in terms of anti cheating with the current system, and since programs and code throughout history have a tendency of not working on every PC setup out there, there will always be a group of people ending with the short stick. On the other side, the issues with Game Guard must have been very big for them to decide to do such a change, well knowing that some computers that were able to play the game before, won't be able to play it properly now. So the change must have had some real weight behind it for it to happen.
  14. Lately, I run through level up areas too quickly to be picked up for a chat. But through all my years playing stuff online, I've learned to keep to myself. Seen both sides of the scope already. The good and the utterly toxic. Also, been to Second Life, where weird can go up to eleven, so I believe nothing fazes me anymore. <.< ... I'm usually doing solo stuff or afking for brief periods. I normally do respond when addressed, but will most likely won't just join a guild nor accept a friend request without first at least having some game time with whoever is asking. Other than that, I do like helping and I think I'm friendly. I'm just not outgoing so people will have to find me instead of me reaching out to them.
  15. Optmized mode?

    This game already has two "optimization" buttons, but what they do is not to make the client run better with max settings as if it was magic. What these two do is to drop settings and effects based on your current FPS, basically making your fps decide how your game will look, for those who are more focused on gameplay and smoother moving visuals rather than eye candy. I can only assume this third "optimized mode" is supposed to give smooth fps while keeping visuals relatively up, perhaps by using cheaper graphical substitutes or whatever, and silently dropping effects that give minimal visual impact.