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  1. They already said soul is a LONG TERM upgrade which means you shouldn't be able to get it right away unless your a huge whale bigger than the rest of us whales. Btw we haven't even got ultimate skills or lvl 55 yet so don't expect gunner right away, probably will be here at the end of this year.
  2. I think what they mean is that you can't get 2 more sets of those gems without making another alt since it seems they removed the square gems from transmute so how do they expect people to obtain a better gem if they can't get 2 more of them to upgrade.
  3. The real problem is that these outfits were the original ones in other regions. NC just decided to throw them into the trove to make a quick buck although they were dungeon outfits- solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and white seductress. Nothing surprises me with them anymore, they'll do anything to make money.
  4. Don't know if it was mentioned in patch notes or not but DT also way too easy now since they removed orbs completely lol so if you get marked it doesn't matter
  5. I bet the rate is extremely low for those items lol
  6. All they need is a vote kick function to solve the afk problem in dungeons. Also I don't get why nc won't implement free wardrobe, they talk about how they want to match the other regions so then we should get wardrobe for everyone like ALL the other regions then.
  7. NC didn't have a good plan from the start since launch- they had over 2 million players and the game has only been out for a year in our region and the population has already decreased dramatically. The thing that's ruining bns the most is the rushed content to catch up to kr. I guess they're forgetting that kr has been out years before us so if they knew they wanted to be on par with kr then they should have just waited to release the game instead of forcing players to feel like they have to spend tons of money on the game to catch up every time a new update comes out. Seems like the way they
  8. Bns is the only game I've played that force their players to spend a ton of gold to mail "account bound" items lol wth who came up with this idea. I bet they were thinking this for sure would bring them more money in and not about the players. Never known any game to charge more gold than you get from all dungeons combined to send stuff between your chars on the same acct back and forth. Btw our region is nothing like the others, having 1k gold in kr means you're extremely poor.
  9. Yea but most of those people give out are meh. I know its their choice, I was simply suggesting them a reason why they shouldn't give it out. They might not even know how well they made their char. Btw I'm pretty sure she is a she and not a he haha.
  10. thats an awesome looking jin, never seen any look like this but if I were you I would not put her preset out there for the public. There are too many people taking credit for others work or modifying the character and putting the preset up for download without giving credit to the original creator. This actually happened to my girlfriend which caused her to stop putting out presets. Besides we don't need all the jins running around looking the same like how almost all the yuns were looking like x taegeun char on youtube lol. Just something to think about since your char looks very unique. Grea
  11. Don't know but I had the same issue suddenly last night but now its fixed.
  12. Only bundle worth buying is duelist bundle, trust me don't waste your money buying the others because that stuff is easy to get once your lvl 50.
  13. Don't buy the ivorymoon wep, continue to upgrade the one you have until you can salvage because its cheaper than starting from ivorymoon into true ivorymoon.
  14. I don't think gear should be a problem since you should be maxing out everything else that you can while waiting for a raid which would easily put you at the ap required to get into a raid. You can get into a raid with 800+ ap. I do agree with the acct bound raven feathers though since I have some on my alts that I got from troves that I would like to transfer to my main.
  15. Solar eclipse most likely won't be in the hm store since it was a trove outfit
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