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  1. Yea but most of those people give out are meh. I know its their choice, I was simply suggesting them a reason why they shouldn't give it out. They might not even know how well they made their char. Btw I'm pretty sure she is a she and not a he haha.
  2. thats an awesome looking jin, never seen any look like this but if I were you I would not put her preset out there for the public. There are too many people taking credit for others work or modifying the character and putting the preset up for download without giving credit to the original creator. This actually happened to my girlfriend which caused her to stop putting out presets. Besides we don't need all the jins running around looking the same like how almost all the yuns were looking like x taegeun char on youtube lol. Just something to think about since your char looks very unique. Grea
  3. Its actually really easy to make an acct on there. Just download google chrome and translate the page to English and go through the process of signing up then when you see a preset that you like you can translate the page to English again and see if it say to reply to view the hidden post, if it does then post an emoji and you get the download.
  4. Exactly but no use wasting your time trying to tell them that lol they will continue to say it's hacking smh
  5. I never said anything about not liking nc lol don't know what ur reading, I said to fix their servers. I don't even have high ping but have friends that suffer from it only in bns. I'm just not selfish enough to want to ban people for wanting to play with low ping like other people.
  6. Yea and that's pretty bad if you're living in NA with that ping lol but whatever dude.
  7. Good that's your problem then but not the case with everybody else lmao if you want to play that way then that's fine, but don't get upset because someone else with high ping choose not to. Your problem is that you don't understand what hacking is nor that global latency is something that nc should have already set so that high ping players can play the game with the same attack speed as low ping. Almost every game has this set so problems like this wouldn't exist. Hacking would be if it gave no cool down on skills, infinite healing, etc. hopefully that helped you understand the difference.
  8. It doesn't matter where you live, BNS is just badly optimized for NA/EU and they most likely won't be banning anyone for editing the xml since they figure the job is already being done for them and that's less complaints for them about high ping.
  9. Maybe you should do your research on what editing the xml does before calling it hacking that way you don't sound ignorant. Better solution- How about telling nc to fix their crappy servers before talking about banning players for wanting to enjoy the game without high ping then players won't have to edit the xml.
  10. Lol maybe you should read up more about editing the xml before talking about banning all people for editing it. Some people even edit the xml just to see dps meter in 6 man mode. so I guess almost the whole community will be gone and then there will be no more bns when they aren't making enough money due to a low player base. From what I read there is also a limit on how high you can edit the attack speed since it will result in the game crashing so it's likely the people you're seeing in arena are using actual hacks and macros and not just editing the xml.
  11. Unless you're accepting lower levels or lower ap people into your clan then I feel you can't really complain about social clans existing. All I see are people asking for xxxx amount of ap or hm levels to join their clan. I think social clans are great for those that are newer and want to get involved in the game, meet new people and for those people that don't gear up as fast and like to work at their own pace. Btw no one is being forced to join a competitive clan or social clan so I guess I just don't understand the issue. Competitive clans have features that social clans don't and vice versa
  12. Nah my real life gf char but yea basically the char is too :P
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