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  1. Future Trove Suggestion

    You know what they should really do is frigging put outfits in hm store where they belong. Forcing outfit collectors to join this stupid rng fest. Such a greedy mentality. Leave the gems oils orbs for the whales who really want to gamble! I want my lunar and solar eclipse!!! Without rng! This is one of the main reasons why I don't spend money on this game! Great outfits gated by rng!
  2. Buff the FM already

    Summoner is not seen at the top of anything and we still get nerf ed. .. don't be a whiner baby.
  3. I don't mind people swiping for gear tbh. BUT what I do mind is when they put outfits in ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing trove and rng devil boxes! I want lunar eclipse!!
  4. Big bad cena boss

    Decided to try farming evolved stones from bbbb. But spawn rate is horrendous. 6 baylees no bbbb! It's a slap to the face for people who actually work hard to farm mats. Increase spawn rate or at least guarantee a bbbb spawn after 2 or 3 baylees!
  5. Lfg desolate tomb 6 man

    I'm looking for a good group with extensive knowledge of the desolate tomb mechanics. Summoner here. Level: 50 HM 10 Ap: 632 Piercing: 13% Crit rate: 58% Crit damage: 211% I know mech of dungeon and have experience. Cleared twice. Can tank wives in first boss. Can do missile role and shield role in second boss. Can do marker role and 3 role in last boss. Anyone interested pm me. Server: Yehara IGN: NekoAddict
  6. I'm a simple man. I see something cheap I buy it.
  7. NCSoft .... Please MORE OF THIS

    My personal favorite is the soundtrack when you fight the chef at BSC. So bad ass
  8. question about quests

    can someone please tell me what quests give soulstones as rewards or at least make it easier to get soulstones. cause Im just a pve player. no plans on even trying pvp anytime soon. And mostly because the price of soulstones skyrocketed (28-30s a piece my god) -_-
  9. System error 1000 133 cant start game

    Im not tech savvy my friend installed and set up the game for me. What does the actual launcher look like? the thing i use to launch the game is a batch file. Can you pls walk me thjrough the process pls pls.
  10. I get this error when i select my toon and click start. PLS help ASAP. I WANNA PLAY DAMN IT