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  1. Thank you for responding, I'm sure it's all being worked on and the server will come online just like the other times. But what I want to know is why there are no posts from any of the mods/devs/etc on the forum, twitter or facebook about this. This has happened 1 time every week for.. 4 weeks now I think? And there's still nothing being said about it. I get that there's no time to explain it while it's being fixed, but can we please get an explanation when the server is back online? Thanks.
  2. Can we please have one serious thread about this? Without silly spam.
  3. This happens every week and they still haven't said anything about it. Why are we not getting any information about this? Why is only that one server? Is it really that hard to let us know what's going on? @Liinxy @Amraith @Aurinya
  4. Yeah, I really don't get why they put Silky hair as the reward. They could have at least made it so that you could salvage it for fabrics or something. I have only made it to the end of this dash one time, because I keep getting "Advance to start".
  5. Right now the Hongmoon square gems feel useless, since you require a gem powder to make a pentagonal and the pentagonals give one powder when you salvage them. Would it be possible to make it so that you could use 3 square gems to get a powder? Or maybe switch the material so that you'd be using something else when turning the squares into a pentagonal gem? @Liinxy
  6. Anyone know which outfits these are? Did they get the names wrong and it's supposed to be the new halloween outfits? Or will those only be available through f10?
  7. Is there anyone on EU server group 3 that can gift it to me? /please
  8. Isn't it better if it is giftable tho? That way it would be sold more and reaching the goal would be easier. @Cyan @Liinxy
  9. Really? I didn't know that. Do you know where it was stated?
  10. You realise the new soul isn't supposed to be obtainable in a month or 2 right? Why would you want to max out your gear as fast as whales? Then there's nothing to strive for. Everyone might not share that opinion. They probably spent a lot of time making those areas, so it's a shame that they rarely get used. What do you think makes them boring?
  11. There's also a square gem chest that drops from the second boss in Cold storage.
  12. Would be nice if they let you buy more than one bundle, that way f2p players would be able to buy them from people who want to spend money and reach the milestones.
  13. The reason I suggested those places were because almost nobody goes there. It's to bring people back to it and make it come alive again, why would that be pathetic? Your suggestions might work, with some tweaks to them. Because the rates and such you're talking about now would be too easy.
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