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  1. Not enough Event currency.

    Most of the events, first week out, you do end up being 1 event currency short. It's not that big of a deal to pull 1 from the daily login rewards. However, with that said, the devs on this event either don't play the game to test anything out or just aren't smart. It's simple math. People actually play alt characters to take advantage of events like this to max out on the 5x oils or 10x pet pods every week. Then you do the math on this event that's out right now and there's absolutely no way anyone can actually max that out if they miss 1 day of fishing. It takes hours to fish 12,600 angler pearls. I would assume events are created to encourage the player base to actually play the game. That means put more of the event currencies as rewards for completing the dungeons than throwing it into fishing. You have to fish every single day for hours and do 4/4 DCs to get an oil/pet pod? You miss one day and it becomes near impossible. Most people use the login reward currencies t to offset rewards the week after event ends to buy extra stuff. This event is utter garbage.
  2. Solution For GG error (4049)

    I'm sorry. I'm not tech savvy. How do I replace it in my game drive?