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  1. I'm surprised. Did you think of this witty and totally new argument all by yourself or did someone need to help with it? This argument is SUCH a pathetic attempt of painting everyone in one colour that I could do the same and claim that people using this argument don't even bother to have an understanding and just want to troll, come off as gleering or lack common sense. Quite a few posts that have that reasoing are basically the same as if there's a pattern to it. It's the same as when someone says "I don't understand why (...). I didn't have any problem with xyz" and continues flaming and b
  2. SF received some buffs with the Korean 22 June patch. I've read that the class is now ranked same as Blade Dancers in PvE in Korea, but unfortunately the poster didn't post a source.
  3. I had with one of my characters a player in the Narrows who kept spamming "Party plz" and in the dungeon bid on every single item. That fellow was high enough (around 30 or so) to solo the dungeon and iirc an Assassin to top it. Fortunately, the biddings were never in the high silver or god forbid gold range but it was a bit annoying to outbid him when MY weapon had been on stake lol. I'm sure I saw him/her there after a few days again on my other character. At least even with my antisocial solo attitude, I'm fair enough to pass on every item I don't need. But I won't complain i
  4. Kindergarden replies like that are not helping your case in looking tough? What's with that immature crap? Spend more time in real life and finish junior high so that you can mature mentally and find better means to react to negative situations. But I agree with some posters here. Endgame is MOSTLY the same. In WoW it was raid-or-quit. If you couldn't or didn't want to raid, you had hardly anything to do until dailys came along. And here in Grind you Soul, your endgame doesn't revolve around farming gear but farming mats or gold to upgrade gear. It's basically the same. Just that
  5. For anyone who hasn't discovered it yet, here's the final version of the class overhaul patch which got applied to the KR live version: https://bnstree.com/update/r1C_msPH More changes for Force Master and Soul Fighter, on top of the known changes for the remaining classes
  6. I'm at least trying the SF out as leveling alts is the only joy in BnS for my plastyle. I don't intend to go ever above True Profane as the endgame has nothing of interest for me, unless the Korean devs decide at one point that Story mode should required Scorpion weapons (at that point, I'd quit anyway without a single "regret" or hard feeling) .
  7. Alt progress on this account: Destroyer 42/43, Blade Dancer 41, Force Master 40. Waiting for Soul Fighter xD.
  8. Ich freu mich darauf, da das Twinken der Hauptgrund zum Spielen für mich in BnS ist.
  9. @number guy: It's clear to see that you are just another white knight drone because you don't understand ANYTHING. You are ignorant to the whole issue and refuse to understand the point others make, instead you use the pathetic argumentation of "everyone wants everything for free". That sentence alone is a clear sign that you haven't even bothered to read in a thorough way and just react to key words. Your whole post can be summarized with "I have no problems and everything is goody-good, so everyone should feel the same way".
  10. Quitten sind Früchte und kein Verb.
  11. "more things to do"? If you ignore Garrisons or Dailys, the endgame revolves ONLY around the Raid-or-Die concept in terms of character progression. BnS forces you into SSP and/or dungeons over and over and over. In WoW you grind raid-or-die A to get the gear to do B. In BnS you grind Dungeon A to get enough materials for gear upgrade or making gold to do the former (or better Soul Shields) to do the next hardest dungeon, where a better quantity of material X drops. That is, if you ignore farming for cosmetics as that kind of farming isn't part of gear progression. To a pleb like I, it doesn't
  12. Personally I like the Destroyer's style but the constant attempts of ani-canceling are always starting to hurt my lower arm (just after the wrist) after a few minutes. Yes, every class needs ani-cancel but I've read that Destroyers are one of the classes that are even more dependant on it =/.
  13. No. It's an issue of your thinking that you are "good", while you are in reality "bad" but won't admit it. Hence, you try to pain the whole BnS community (you played together with) in a bad light. Because it's always easier to search for faults in others, instead of in oneself.
  14. I'm playing because I have nothing better to do atm when ti comes to video games and don't need to pay a single cent. So I level up character after character until I'm bored.
  15. Some dungeons can be soloed but are still annoying to do. Dark Glimpse is a annoying and once I could do it with my FM, I used her to get the weapon for my Blade Dancer as I wasn't good enough skill-wise with the latter. Altar of Champion is also doable. Sentinel Ruins, I had luck and got a party as the German server I'm on was well-visisted in these level ranges. The big stop sign is Bogkog. I did it with sheer luck on my Summoner (again I'm NOT skilled even with "easy-mode" class) but really wouldn't want to do it alone a second time lol.
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