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  1. FPS problem

    Hello, I have a gtx1060 6g (AMD ryzen 7 1700), I ran the game at 60 ~ 110fps and since yesterday I started to have a horrible performance in the game, with around 12fps and using only 2% of the board, I already tried updating drivers / using old drivers, I also tried reinstalling the game but nothing works, I would like some help to solve the problem if possible. Ps.: its normal to play other games (the witcher3 with 80fps with ultra specs), but in bns only stay at 1~3%...
  2. Error (4049)

    Guys, i did all the solutions finded in the internet and nothing works... What i did to fix is that: i just saw that was crashing after the "npgg9x.npz" failed to download, soo i just asked to a friend upload it (it called npgg9x.des), download and copy to the gameguard folder and it finally work. I didnt post the download cuz i dont know if it is "legal", soo u can try to ask a friend for that. **My english inst that good, soo sry for the mistakes.