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  1. Id like to say i have registered for this pack... while being in new zealand... honestly cant hurt to try.... you get it great if not oh well
  2. With the patch on December 6th being the 55 one, how does that shake up the DPS list? I would assume locks get pushed even further down simply due to being the only class to benefit more from worse gear so to speak (since locks NEED crit to do anything and prefer Seraph/Riftwalk over raven for cooldown reasons) and both of locks ultimate skills suffer from the "locks standstill to do anything syndrome", how will locks fair outside of being Soulburn slaves? (also side note locks only really get a half benefit from VT badges (which if they become more mainstream will be demanded of)
  3. Its more like players are impatient (i mean i was in a group with someone in cold storage starting the boss coz in their words "i have to do this on 4 more characters idc about waiting"). These dungeons suffer from player impatience and it sucks :/
  4. Yo high AP players... can you stop being hypocrites? You tell us lower geared players to make our own groups... at our AP lvl...fine.... you then proceed to join said groups.. look at our stats and then leave... because we dont meet your standards... so whats the point of telling us lower geared players to make our own groups when your the ones not letting us try in the first place... maybe us lower geared players should start joining your groups to mess with you... seems only fair you do it to us
  5. So Ryu becomes the next Lusang.... hmm and Lusang became the raven king... okay then wonder how this version will play out...also more character customization? okay yes O:
  6. Yea they dont require clan crafting however you do need radiant ring at guild lvl 2 to craft account bound keys and at lvl 3 to get the keys to sell
  7. Alot of people say baleful since in both fire and shadow baleful gives more danage to right click (Which is like your main damage source and psuedo healing) sereaph provides cooldown reduction for the heavy burst skills (firefall/moonlight) tbh its up to you but im going bale for the rmb damage increase o.o
  8. What I am getting at is not only donyou want the keys reassigned, you want the visual aid of the skills being on the correct keys as to not confuse you correct?
  9. Yep.. .sje sounds like *ahem* a black dude... its amusing and sorta weird lol
  10. Yup i am seeing this come up... kind of annoying tbh
  11. Coming from playing a lock LMB is kinda okay for focus recovery... althou im used to spamming left click so that right now is screwing with my head... but taking down pinchy and the giganura before the cave of mastery without much damage taken was super satisfying...sure im hella over leveled...but ill be damned if i aint having fun haha
  12. Oh so um no point even holding onto frozen orbs almost... man that sucks
  13. So you would be fine with a warlock holding aggro (a class mind you that has very little iframes and has to stand still to cast some skills). Threat exists for a reason and kfm/bm make the most use out of it since they can time certain skills correctly (i.e iframes or blocks)
  14. you make that sound like a bad thing to have to do... having a way to earn those items even if its expensive is a good way to go honestly i like this idea
  15. Coming in as an ice warlock would the same items be sought after or would it be slightly different (I don't mean the soul badges as they are different for an ice lock I just mean the accs) Gear: Awakened Yeti Ring s10 Awakened Scorpio Earring s10 Pinnacle Bracelet and Necklace Awakened Oathbreaker Belt s10 Seraph s7 (With 6 Gem slots) (Msp 3 Piece (working on 5 set soon) with 4 pieces of xanos and 1 junk ss piece) If you want more detail Look up Katlyn Rose
  16. Embers... needed for one of warlocks most important skills... literally no where to be found cept at stupid prices, where as offals are the least important skill... still cant get those either but ya know.... we need moar embers! (More so now that gunner is coming out D: )
  17. I mean as a returned scrublord of a player 15g does hurt a little bit (seeing as i am wanting 12 for stage 6 seraph) but its bareable and earnable for now... so sure its annoying but i dont mind
  18. when i left when BT was released i think... either way i know all mechs for everything up to ec/dt... lol and i was sitting around 630ap... so well before the skill changes and such..
  19. no no that comment was from all the bad things ive read about haha i dont want to flame at all lol
  20. Lets just see how bad its got in this game... i dont mind not playing all the time and doing end game stuff (hell was already avoiding DT and EC) im just more interested to see changes tbh
  21. Bump and I will say even thou I'm stuck using a complete garbage mouse (aka the dreaded Microsoft crap x,x) I can see my need ever increasing a mouse that can bind keys... My hands don't like trying to push certain buttons in combo with others ( this case being 3, 4, v and c) having more freedom for binds is a must nowadays... *sigh*
  22. I'll probably get a lot of flak for saying this but I've found toxic communities come more from greed then other things (greed in any circumstance causes a superiority complex in people). I personally have never seen faction chat because I spent time reducing my chat box and leaving out a lot of chat so I can't speak for that part, however dungeons and pvp is basically for me "if you don't be greedy your scrub" etc etc I play games to have fun not be greedy and act like I am royalty for being greedy..
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