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  1. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    BioWare was forced to go F2P because they lost 1.5 million subscribers after they dropped update 1.2 where the Sorcerer and Sage were both nerfed into oblivion for DPS and only option left was the healing spec. Force healing was weak compared to the other non-force healing specs. Why did they pull this nerf? New PvP players did not know how to interrupt (using their interrupt ability, game only out for 3 months when that nerf landed) and whined that the two aforementioned classes were too powerful. LUL
  2. You have proof of this? Verifiable proof? No? Ah, it's your opinion? Do you enjoy demeaning people because your own thought up conspiracies? BTW, did you see his first video on this subject? No? Probably not because you seem to hate this individual (and others like him). Oh, did you watch his video where he RAGED at NCS/NCW over the latest update (The Weapons Reduction Costs That Weren't)? No? Hmm...clearly your opinion on this individual is reactionary and because he goes against your own personal perception of NCS/NCW, the game, and players that you call Whales, is faulty and clearly uninformed. You can continue to wear your tinfoil hat and bask in the rumors that abound.
  3. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    Listen to what Keroppi has to say on this topic: Blade and Soul Complete
  4. I strongly recommend that you watch Keroppi's latest video on this subject. He gives an outstanding presentation about what is happening and so forth. [B&S) Blade and Soul Complete and Frontier Server Explained
  5. Enlightened Jewels...

    ...not allowed to upgrade Grand Celestial Earrings/Rings? Imagine my surprise when I tried to upgrade my GC earring from stage 1 to stage 3 to find out that only the Legendary Jewels can upgrade my earring? I had none. I converted them all to Enlightened Jewels. Please tell me this is a "mistake" and not "miscommunication and is intended." However, somehow I believe it is the latter than the former because they do not specifically mention GC ring/earring here: Blade & Ghoul – Items and Systems Preview. Like the GC weapon and upgrade reduction costs, they infer the Enlightened Jewels are usable because ALL the other accessories are mentioned. @Cyan care to explain this one away to us? Or will you remain silent, have your CC staff merge this post with something else to hide it and NOT answer? That is your SOP is it not?
  6. Enlightened Jewels...

    Do you make it a habit to insult people?
  7. Enlightened Jewels...

    While, I appreciate your input, I am waiting on 'TPTB' to answer. Thank you.
  8. Let me see if I get this correct. Through BNS buddy, one can make edits of the XML to improve game play such as opening items or help clearing mobs or what not? Now, if this is the case, then it is a clear violation of Blade & Soul Rules of Conduct/User Agreement as shown below: "21. You may not use any third-party program (such as a "bot") in order to automate gameplay functions, including playing, chatting, interacting or gathering items within Blade & Soul. You may not assist, relay or store items for other players who are using these processes."[1] Regardless if using XML to make minor changes to the game (if used through BNS Buddy) is a violation of the ToS and User Agreement. It means one is making changes to the game. Y'all might want to refresh your understanding of the User agreement that you may have summarily "agreed too" when you sign in each day.[2] Citation 1: Blade & Soul Rules of Conduct Item 21. Citation 2: Blade & Soul User Agreement
  9. Weapon "reductions"

    That can only hold them afloat for so long. When the population dwindles down to the point that even these "Hardcore Cashers" cannot help. If they felt a 5 - 7% dip in net profit and a mass unsubscribe hits them, you can bet they'd take notice. SWTOR learned their lesson on that quick when they dropped 5.0 and nerfed the companions by 80%.
  10. Weapon "reductions"

    In truth, at this point in time, TPTB don't care what we have to say. Cyan's statement is proof of that. "They'll discuss it." They'll no such a thing. The only thing that will catch their attention is a reduction in sales to the point that it affects their monthly profit margin. Vote with your wallet, stop playing for a month or two, let sales lag, then they might revisit this. That's the only way to get the attention of companies like this.
  11. Weapon "reductions"

    After this last patch I noticed something you did. Something really egregious in my book, especially when you didn't even let anyone know. What is this you ask? You increased the cost of upgrading from Stage 3 Dawnforge/Riftwalk to Stage 3 Raven from 7 silver to 7 gold. That is a thousand percent increase. Why in the heck did you do that? Most importantly, this happened without informing the players? Stealth tactics to increase costs is now your standard practice? I see you're burning up what trust your customers have now, especially after this last fiasco (GC increased, NOT decreased, weapon costs).
  12. reputation charms

    These are used to boost your Unity experience. While they range from 10,000 to 50,000 points, they have a 24 hour cooldown. Much like the old Hongmoon XP boost from years ago. Really ridiculous if you ask me to have that type of cooldown in place.
  13. Weapon "reductions"

    No reply? Your silence on this matter is telling. I guess as @Ludicium stated, this is now your SOP. I don't know about the others, but for me, you've burned up what little trust I have for the CMs, Devs, and NCsoft/West. Bravo Zulu.
  14. Weapon "reductions"

    Nice try to cover this up. The truth of the matter is your company lied. It clearly states on the "blade-ghoul-items-and-systems-preview page" the following: Weapons The cost to upgrade all weapons up to Grand Celestial and equivalent (as well as Thornbreaker Stage 1 – 3) will be reduced; full details will be outlined in the patch notes on October 15. There is no ambiguity here. You included the Grand Celestial and equivalent and the Thornbreaker stage 1 - 3, receiving weapons cost reduction. You clearly inferred this was going to happen for the Grand Celestial and equivalent weapons. You are required to honor your advertisement, as this is exactly what this is (advertisement information) you presented to your customers (players). And your statement above clearly shows you trying to cover up a screw up and thus making everything abhorrently expensive which will all but stop most players advancing their upgrades. This falls into the category of an egregious customer service failure on your part as part of string of failures over the last few months. Do the right thing and honor your original statement found here: to earn the good will of your customer base. Otherwise, do nothing and lose more players (non-premium and premium). I'm sure NCsoft/NCwest will not like to see their net profits take another hit...again.
  15. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Kitsune, you're exactly right. However, you, nor I, or anyone else can otherwise dissuade those here damning B&S. Each and everyone of them feel they are entitled to all the benefits of a premium membership without paying for it. The believe what they believe and everyone else is either a White Hat, Whale, or demon for supporting Blade & Soul with their money. However, what is further from the truth, is the premise that B&S has violated their own business model in some form or fashion. They have not. Yet the OP here will never accept that all because he/she cannot participate in some part of the new event. What I believe B&S' mistake is using their Korean/Japanese model of this event for the NA/EU. NA/EU servers are 4 years behind Korea and 2 behind Japan in terms of game play for everyone. Korean game launched in June 2012 (Japan 2014), NA/EU 2016. The event should've been tailored for these servers based on that. I'm pretty sure they have the metrics to show how far along everyone is. It is the case of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. One event does not fit all in this case. This is a business and development mistake on Blade & Soul Korea who sets these up with Blood Lust. The question is, will those in Korea learn from this or continue doing things that alienate the player base outside of Korea? That remains to be seen.
  16. Server Consolidation — May 1

    This should prove...interesting.
  17. Blighted Harpy...

    I don't know who or what intellectually challenged developer thought that giving a non-enraged mini-boss one-shot kill ability that by passes dragon blood orbs or the ability to cast a charm that cannot be broken, but the fact that this mechanic is in the game in the Ebondrake Lair dungeon is beyond the pale. There is NO ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing defense or explanation for doing so. One has to be of limited mental ability to believe this is a fun, engaging, and challenging boss mechanic. It is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ poor planning and execution on the part of the developers for putting this in the game. Charmed and dead. The Bloodlust developers have show they are limited in their ability to recognize their own failure for allowing this into a game. I'd not said a word if this was part of an enraged mechanic. However, it is not and it does not belong in this dungeon. Like their lying to us about the White Orbs and the Demon Soul Stones, it is just another failure in a long list of failures on those who develop this game. What's next? A standard mob one-shotting the Hongmoon Master(s) with a ball peen hammer? Enough, fix this awful lame and bad mechanic.
  18. Blighted Harpy...

    See my comment above to @RagingPhenix.
  19. Blighted Harpy...

    Please insult me more with you asinine comments. Better yet learn to comprehend what the subject matter is. I was very specific about that.
  20. Ascension Pouch Available Until March 22 for 0 NCoin

    @Cyan While 'TPTB' may believe this is the answer to quell the unrest the removal of the WO and DSS created, it is not. Instead of addressing the real issue, this is announcement has all but destroyed (if not already accomplished) any trust from your customer/fan base. NCsoft has just created a public relation nightmare. Now you have many players cancelling their premium memberships and refusing to spend another penny. I don't know what or how Korean players react to such things, but those here in NA and probably EU are not accepting this. This is not a solution to the problem. I has compounded the problem two-fold. If board of directions and the developers find a way to honor their original announcement, Blade & Soul (NCWest) may well find itself swimming in a financial quagmire with negative returns for the next quarter. Furthermore, should the Board of Director at NCsoft decide to pull the plug on this game, they might as well pull the plug on all their games here in the West and forget involving themselves in this market. The US market and more than likely EU market have long memories concerning underhanded business practices by corporations and companies like NCsoft. You can bet that through social media, print media, and word of mouth NCsoft's image and reputation will be irreparably damage. Think on how long Harmony Gold has suffered because of what they did to FASA and the customer/players. Even today Harmony Gold is a pariah in the gaming community and market. However, knowing how NCsoft is based on their past history and SOP (City of Heroes), they will act in their own interests that hurts the play base.
  21. talisman keybind

    This why I use a Naga Epic mouse. I've bound the talisman to the 11 button on my mouse and the two legacy skills to 10 & 12 respectively. All my power/skill abilities are bound 1 to 8 leaving the Tab, Q, SS, E and F keys as they are. Makes things far easier in terms of activation and use then using my keyboard for those bound so.
  22. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    If a player or players obtained the services required to challenge this, NCWest is under US jurisdiction and law governing consumers. That makes NCsoft liable too as the parent company of NCWest. NCsoft has no recourse but to care. The absolute worse case scenario is NCsoft pulls the plug on NCWest shuttering the doors of the game in the US. However, not before they had to settle the issue if they were unable to have the suit squashed. This would be as ugly as it was between Harmony Gold and FASA in terms of public opinion and company imagine damaged by the facts of the suit not including the results. Until someone acts in a manner to hold gaming corporations accountable for such acts that NCsoft pulled, they'll continue to act in their best interest while turning a deaf ear to their customers. Sooner or later, the company will find themselves suffering financially because of it.
  23. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Its called 'bait and switch' when something is advertised and they give something else that is not part of the original advertisement. This is what NCsoft did and that is illegal as if violates consumer protection laws. Citation for verification:
  24. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I'm only going to speak to this. The rest is speculation and hubris that distracts from the topic. If he'd known the truth, I believe he'd said something to that fact. To those at NCsoft and NCWest. I know I would. Whether he is fighting for the players at this moment is anyone's guess. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until such time he proves otherwise. However, knowing NCsoft and their SOP from my experience, it is wasted effort and time. They will not be moved. They only care about one thing, "$." The only way to make them react is to hit them where it hurts the most, their revenue. If they will not listen to the CC or take the time to find out the pulse of their players, they'd take notice if a large number of players suddenly stopped logging in and/or spending more and cancelling their premium accounts. That is what gets things in action. That is a sad fact in the reality of MMO games.
  25. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    You do not have much experience with the Asian business culture do you? You can count on that happening to make sure that the information that was released was in fact delivered as order. Why is it the developers fault? Do I really need to explain that to you? Who do you think controls the game's operation and development? The community coordinators? You want to lay the entire blame at Cyan's feet for doing his job, delivering information passed down from NCsoft's public relations department on the recommendation of the developers? Do you have any idea on how this truly works? Or are you just letting your passion run wild and attack anyone who has a title next to their name because they are employees? Truly you are blinded by your rage and cannot see clearly because of it. The developers screwed you by allowing false information to be released, not Cyan and his crew. He is the messenger. Take a deep breath and try to reason this maturely, with your mind not your heart. Clearly you'd have Cyan fired as quick as any other employee of the company over this debacle "because someone has to pay!" Right? What's next, marching on NCWest HQ in Austin with pitchforks, axes, and rope?