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  1. Pet need our attention too.

    Wait, don't pets have buffs to stats already? Weren't the addition of pet gems additive stat buffs too? Aren't they now exactly what you're asking for? I don't want a companion like we have in Star Wars: The Old Republic or following pets they have FFXIV or summoned pets in GW2 for rangers or Necromancers. I believe the pets are fine just the way they are. Otherwise, if they did what you asked for they'll be sure to make them killing able making them more a liability to the character and something else to worry about.
  2. Yup when they stated they were going to make the game more user friendly...then in 2018, with the Thornbreaker cost for upgrading alt friendly promptly ended.
  3. Black Snake (new raid) Kr 1st boss clear

    You're assuming again. You obviously do not know the true meaning of that word. Mushin's tower is infamous for killing FPS. You've of all people, should know this. You can sit in the lobby and end up with single digit fps. I gave you proof from my recorded streams. Yet you do not go to verify my claim. I know why you won't. Because it will destroy your whining and moaning narrative. You need to optimize your whale computer so you can enjoy what I do. Or maybe acknowledging the truth is something you're not capable of because of cognitive dissonances. Shrug. No sweat off my back. In truth, the only one here full of bovine excrement is you.
  4. Black Snake (new raid) Kr 1st boss clear

    Really? Go here: and see for yourself. Then you can come back and apologize. BTW, I'm sitting here on the 5th floor of Mushin's tower in front of the hulking Augerite with 118fps (106 after taking screenshot) . I even recorded it too if you think I've manipulated that picture. Your assumptions are just that, assumptions based on faulty information and issues with your "high end computer" that is obviously not optimized to get you the best bang for your whale of a computer.
  5. goldenharvest2020feedback

    This one has to be the worst event I've seen. It is centered on Hongsel's pay to play keys, everything else...sigh. The fact we can only make 1 Festival Table to use per day? Yeah...they really want us to throw cash at their gambling machine. I wonder if someone is going to spend the 500plus dollars required to get to level 800. I guess NCSOFT thinks westerns are going to throw away their cash for trinkets.
  6. Black Snake (new raid) Kr 1st boss clear

    10fps raid? I guess you watched a different video involving a fight than I did. Because the streamer's screen didn't stutter, pause, or show any signs of being less than 60fps. Anyways, I don't see an fps issue on the part of the streamer in this fight. Your claim is unfounded. Had it, then you'd see things indicative of "10fsp." Perhaps low fps resides with one's machine and set up? Or do you want to blame the raid instead? Control F is your friend in any dungeon, heroic or raid. If you're having fps issues you might want to work on getting the best performance from your machine first. My 1070Ti does wonderful in this game. Without using Control F, I normally get 50 to 70 fps, with Control F I get 100 to 120 depending on the fight. The ONLY thing I suffer from is network lag spikes. That's to be expected playing 9,000 miles away from the server here in the Philippines. WTFast is the answer to help control that. If you doubt the veracity of this, you can watch any one of my stream recordings to see for yourself. I have GeForce overlay displaying my FPS. You can see when I employ the Control F if required. As for "mediocre rewards," your words, you have no clue what this raid boss or the main one drops. You assume it is. And you know what 'Assume' means, right? If you're so upset with how things work with this game, why torture yourself with playing it. If nothing meets your expectations, why continue playing? I walked away from SWTOR and Neverwinter for that vary reason. Seven years investment of time and money in SWTOR and 3 in Neverwinter, I left it all behind. It's not worth the frustrations and disappointments. I wasn't having fun anymore. If one isn't having fun playing why continue if said expectations are never met? Wistful hope? As my dad use to say to me, "Wish in one hand and crap in another. See which one fills up first." Conversely, I walked away from this game on 3 separate occasions for the same reason, 'not having fun due to the inane grind. Things have change and it is now enjoyable. I'm having fun.
  7. Crafting the 2 different Sojos

    @Hime Will Bloodlust developers ever allow players to craft the two different Sojos (Dokkaebi & Imperial) for personal (BoA) use or players as they do with other charms and food? If this hasn't been brought up before, can you put forward the suggestion to make it available?
  8. Crafting the 2 different Sojos

    I appreciate the reply and thanks. I do believe this would be a QoL improvement for all.
  9. Calculation for Primeweald

    I appears that this "event" is more about getting money from the players than giving players any rewards. In other words, a scam.
  10. @JonJonPoPong2 It's amazing that those who clamor loudly against this topic do not get the ridiculousness of the massive cost increase.
  11. Suggestion for new people in game

    I believe the 2 servers they have now are super servers that are capable of very large capacity of players. I know a few MMOs like SWTOR have done this. Its more cost effective and financially better for operation costs. The need for 'new' servers probably won't happen until such time the two they have now are consistently at or new capacity over a period of time for them to even begin to consider doing so.
  12. This is what I called you out about. See above. Because he and others, like myself, choose to do so. NCSOFT/NCWest choose to penalize the entire player base with their money sink methodology in their mailing system.
  13. Ah yes, deflection. You're answer is what I expected. You have no right to tell anyone how to play this game. You want to post your opinion, do so, but to insinuate that players must play a certain way, nope.
  14. Who hell are you to tell anyone what or how they can play? I know, just another white-hat for the company.
  15. Appropriate Compensation for CTA key buyers

  16. Both of you are missing the point. How convenient. It is beyond ridiculous the charges for sending items that have high value. They are using the mail system as a money sink. It's not good enough for them that the F5 market is one giant one. They want to hurt the player's monetary stability by charging insane costs for sending expensive items via mail. Next they'll start charging gold to open the mail or any sealed item sent via mail just like they charge for opening items for the Unity system. This is the point @Grimoir and @Zuzuzuzuzu. You too might have a few million gold stashed away and won't bat an eye; however, many of us don't have that kind of gold reserves to send items that are ridiculously priced to send. @Hime I'm tagging you about this and your company's egregious methods of removing gold from the economy. But I know you'll just ignore this as the good ole company man you are.
  17. Cooldown Timers on Halloween Haunt Items

    Apparently that happens a lot here...
  18. Cooldown Timers on Halloween Haunt Items

    Exactly. I have 10 left. I may, just may be down to 5 after that...they're useless. This is what happens when the TPTB believe applying their egregious "grind" to things of this nature. They get our money and then force us to grind out (waiting long stupid hours) to unlock another one. This will make me think twice before spending anymore of my money on something that will end up being thrown away. Thanks @Hime and company!
  19. Cooldown Timers on Halloween Haunt Items

    Since they've remained silent on this after the update, means they refuse to answer. Just more proof of the lack of candor and transparency. It boils down to @Hime lied to us.
  20. 3rd spec Scythe Warlock

    This is probably how it will happen. There is precedent for this too. In Guild Wars 2 (another NCSOFT game) they have just that with the Necromancer. Where the scepter turns into a scythe and is used to attack with various skills. Bloodlust only need to follow Arenanet's way of making that happen.
  21. gems and gem powder

    This is probably how they want to you get these new gems...spend one's money.
  22. I understand and don't disagree with you. However, you know when we're in Moon Refuge or Midnight area and run through the "speed" boost. The only thing I see is arms and legs moving faster but the speed not so much! LOL
  23. That might all well and good; however, comparing how fast you actually move in full windwalk speed to that of the NPCs we run with, they leave us in the dust. They are 10x faster than we are. That's what I was addressing.
  24. Just basing this answer on how the NPC's move...not bloody fast enough! Snail pace next to them. Hell, Dragon pulsing to a location is 75% slower than what the NPCs can do! They take 2.5 seconds while our characters take 10 freaking seconds! No, it is an illusion we're traveling fast...just a mushroom induced illusion!
  25. And that's a problem? It's not. The problem is this: developers believe the only way to keep people around in "endgame" they force the players through hours upon hours of senseless mind numbing grind. In other words, Team Bloodlust developers want us to work a second job playing their game. That concept is outdated and no longer the case. While there is a necessity for grinding for improving gear, doing so that takes months and months does not sit well with a large portion of the player base. Only those who are ultra dedicated to reaching the maximum level obtainable for gear will press on towards the goal. However, that leads to one thing that developers, no matter whom they are, cannot overcome, 'player burnout.' This happens after reaching that pinnacle of top level gear. After that...they have nothing left to achieve. Now, throw in Alts. What's this newly maxed out main of a player going to do? That's right...start all over. However, I dare say that many do not complete that task because they realize they have to do the exact same thing to this new alt as they did with their original or main character. That happened to me on my BM. I maxed out on all gear after starting January 2016 completing that in September of 2016. Retired, I didn't have much else to do so I spent 10 plus hours a day playing 5+ days a week. After reaching that, I started on a new one, my current FM main. Then in October they announced a new gear level! I got to 45 of my FM and just said that's enough. I couldn't do this anymore. And I know I'm not the only one who faced that issue too. That's not how to promote longevity and loyalty from a player. It doesn't work well. With all the other games of this genre on the market, they are going to leave to play something else that doesn't require them to spend that much time, effort, and money investing themselves into. SWTOR was a game that had grinding requirements and it took a month to three months depending on how your worked at it. Now, they've changed over to NCSOFT model from 2016 (very similar). After playing that game from the very beginning, I simply walked away with no intention of going back. What keeps people playing, especially this game, is the story! Having alts to go back through it learning new information and experiences with a new character should not be such a grind as I faced back in 2016. QoL improvement would be such that all materials for upgrading should be allowed to send to alts just so they don't have to burn themselves out with mind numbing grinding. These games are supposed to be fun, adventurous, and satisfying. Senseless grinding does not endure itself to the aforementioned I just stated. So, yes, we should be allowed to give our alts things we already worked for that we have and give them a jump start so they don't have to rinse and repeat the process of senseless mind numbing grind over and over and over again. That doesn't promote longevity or loyalty, it deflates them.