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  1. How old is the Hongmoon School?

    Also, when Cricket is given the Book of Hongmoon, she's been there 3 years. So she's around 16 to 18.
  2. How old is the Hongmoon School?

    You get a sense of this through the story, especially when you're dealing with the Snapjaws and what they are doing. Furthermore, when you do the story dealing with the Aransu School, Zulia, and Jinsoyun, you can about piece it together. Likewise, when you play your part as Mushin you get the sense that he and the other Guardians were immortal; however, they could be killed. Mushin lived as a royal prince in the Naru Kingdom. Master Hong had his school prior to them finding Jinsoyun. Which was during the time of the second known Divine Mandate Ceremony. I get the feeling that Soyun is in her late forties to mid fifties if not a bit older but looks much younger. She a Yun, who, IIRC are long lived beings. My belief is the Hongmoon School is at least 200 years old if not more as its been stated its has a long and storied history and is renown.
  3. Freeze! MF

    There are a few things that directly affect FPS. The biggest one is Shadows. Turn them off. Turn the effects down to, probably around level 3 on the slider. Turn off V-sync. The biggest thing you can do, depending on your video card. You have the same one I have. Go to NVIDIA Control Panel. Select 'Configure Surround, PhysX.' Under the PhysX settings, click on the drop down and select your graphics card. If you've not already done so, it will be set to 'Automatic.' Which, in this case, the game will use the CPU. Now, with your GPU selected, the game will be forced to use it instead, taking the load off of the CPU. I normally have 90 to 120 FPS in-game. In some instances it drops down to 50 to 60, a few of the dungeons does that. And in a highly congested area, 35 to 40. Likewise, after selecting the GPU, go to 'Manage 3D Settings.' Under the Global Settings, select what you want to use. Things like V-Sync set to Use 3D application, or Antialiasing - FXAA, turned off. For selections like Anisotropic filtering all the application (game) control. CUDA - GPU: All, DSR - Factors, 4.00x (native resolution. DSR - Smoothness, 33%, Low Latency Mode, Max Frame Rate, Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA), all off. OpenGL rendering GPU - Auto-select. Power management mode - Optimal Power, Shader Cache On, Texture Filtering 0 Anisotropic Sample optimization, off, Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias, allow, Texture filtering - Quality, Quality, and Texture filtering - Trilinear, On. Triple buffering - Off. Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames, 1. Then under Program Settings, make sure the B&S Client is listed, if not, add it and make sure you add the 64bit client. What's important is you set everything to "use Global settings" which allows the GPU to control the game and not the CPU. Also, you can turn off seeing the players too while in a dungeon or all the time. That will help if you have too. You may have to play with the video control settings to find a balance that works for your set up. However, seeing that you're using a 7th gen CPU the ones above I've listed should give you superior FPS. You'll know its working for you at the Character Window if you have your Ge-Force overlay on showing FPS. If you're sitting at 120FPS there, you'll see about the same in-game too, or there about. Just remember, turn off Shadows in-game. Certain games with older engines don't render well and eat up FPS using Shadows.
  4. Blood Roses Account Bound

    Why should it matter to the developers if we want to send gear and mats to our alts? Everything should be bound to account so that we can do that. They really want to improve the QoL for players, doing just that would in fact do so. If they want us to seal items like accessories, fine as long as we can send them those alts on our account. Their current business model of "sucking money" from us is nothing more than pay to play/win model. Hell, even BioWare allows most things BoA or items stuffed into legacy gear to be sent. NCsoft Korea really hasn't a clue or care what Western players really want. So they shoehorn us into their country's player base.
  5. High gpu load at characters selection screen

    I recommend you to turn off Vertical Sync and turn shadows (all if it) down to low or off. Shadows cause a lot of issues for load on a GPU. Especially in this game as it does in SWTOR. I make sure Shadows are turned off in all the games I play just for that reason.
  6. Where did they move the server too?
  7. Why Does Blade & Soul only install on C drive

    Go to the NC Launcher > Settings and make the changes to tell it where to load. Here's where you can do that:
  8. Returning FM

    I'm returning too after a year. I had my fire rotation down and I had txt file with it. However, I lost my drive with that information. Can someone share the Fire rotation with me so I can get back in the grove with it? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. dumb question!

    First, only the unasked question is dumb. No question, no matter how trivial it is, is not dumb if someone is seeking information and knowledge that they lack. Second, the only gold that can be put in your storage is that which you receive from drops, boxes, and other things. These are those with gold icons that say how much their worth if sold. When you sell them you receive the stated amount of the value you collected. Gold that you purchase automatically drops into your wallet. I've never known it possible to put that gold in storage.
  10. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    BioWare was forced to go F2P because they lost 1.5 million subscribers after they dropped update 1.2 where the Sorcerer and Sage were both nerfed into oblivion for DPS and only option left was the healing spec. Force healing was weak compared to the other non-force healing specs. Why did they pull this nerf? New PvP players did not know how to interrupt (using their interrupt ability, game only out for 3 months when that nerf landed) and whined that the two aforementioned classes were too powerful. LUL
  11. You have proof of this? Verifiable proof? No? Ah, it's your opinion? Do you enjoy demeaning people because your own thought up conspiracies? BTW, did you see his first video on this subject? No? Probably not because you seem to hate this individual (and others like him). Oh, did you watch his video where he RAGED at NCS/NCW over the latest update (The Weapons Reduction Costs That Weren't)? No? Hmm...clearly your opinion on this individual is reactionary and because he goes against your own personal perception of NCS/NCW, the game, and players that you call Whales, is faulty and clearly uninformed. You can continue to wear your tinfoil hat and bask in the rumors that abound.
  12. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    Listen to what Keroppi has to say on this topic: Blade and Soul Complete
  13. I strongly recommend that you watch Keroppi's latest video on this subject. He gives an outstanding presentation about what is happening and so forth. [B&S) Blade and Soul Complete and Frontier Server Explained
  14. Enlightened Jewels...

    Do you make it a habit to insult people?