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  1. When that happened, I didn't notice it. Care to guess as to why? It means I wasn't affected by that. However, when I do notice I'm being affected, Cntl+F fixes it. I just completed Temple of Eluvium yesterday morning. I paid specific attention to my FPS. The only time it dropped and effected me was against the Great Thrall and Zulia. Cntl+F fixed it. I freaking said from the damned beginning that Cntl+F fixes that issue if one is having it. I know how my machine set up is and its working for me. Yet you want to call me a god damned liar ("all this nonsense about your PC being so optimized is..
  2. The pet is a stat item that looks cute and does absolutely nothing. Just like a lightsabre for a Jedi Sage/Sith Sorcerer in SW:TOR. It looks and sounds cool but does very little except buff the player's stats. Just like the pet. If you want to have a companion that interacts with enemies, might I suggest playing SWTOR, GW2, or FFXIV to see exactly what your looking for. You may find it more of a hassle than its worth especially in the heat of battle when you're depending on their support.
  3. Wait, don't pets have buffs to stats already? Weren't the addition of pet gems additive stat buffs too? Aren't they now exactly what you're asking for? I don't want a companion like we have in Star Wars: The Old Republic or following pets they have FFXIV or summoned pets in GW2 for rangers or Necromancers. I believe the pets are fine just the way they are. Otherwise, if they did what you asked for they'll be sure to make them killing able making them more a liability to the character and something else to worry about.
  4. Yup when they stated they were going to make the game more user friendly...then in 2018, with the Thornbreaker cost decr...er...increase for upgrading alt friendly promptly ended.
  5. You're assuming again. You obviously do not know the true meaning of that word. Mushin's tower is infamous for killing FPS. You've of all people, should know this. You can sit in the lobby and end up with single digit fps. I gave you proof from my recorded streams. Yet you do not go to verify my claim. I know why you won't. Because it will destroy your whining and moaning narrative. You need to optimize your whale computer so you can enjoy what I do. Or maybe acknowledging the truth is something you're not capable of because of cognitive dissonances. Shrug. No sweat off my back. In truth, the
  6. Really? Go here: www.twitch.tv/strykergamingltd and see for yourself. Then you can come back and apologize. BTW, I'm sitting here on the 5th floor of Mushin's tower in front of the hulking Augerite with 118fps (106 after taking screenshot) . I even recorded it too if you think I've manipulated that picture. Your assumptions are just that, assumptions based on faulty information and issues with your "high end computer" that is obviously not optimized to get you the best bang for your whale of a computer.
  7. This one has to be the worst event I've seen. It is centered on Hongsel's pay to play keys, everything else...sigh. The fact we can only make 1 Festival Table to use per day? Yeah...they really want us to throw cash at their gambling machine. I wonder if someone is going to spend the 500plus dollars required to get to level 800. I guess NCSOFT thinks westerns are going to throw away their cash for trinkets.
  8. 10fps raid? I guess you watched a different video involving a fight than I did. Because the streamer's screen didn't stutter, pause, or show any signs of being less than 60fps. Anyways, I don't see an fps issue on the part of the streamer in this fight. Your claim is unfounded. Had it, then you'd see things indicative of "10fsp." Perhaps low fps resides with one's machine and set up? Or do you want to blame the raid instead? Control F is your friend in any dungeon, heroic or raid. If you're having fps issues you might want to work on getting the best performance from your machine first.
  9. I appreciate the reply and thanks. I do believe this would be a QoL improvement for all.
  10. I appears that this "event" is more about getting money from the players than giving players any rewards. In other words, a scam.
  11. @JonJonPoPong2 It's amazing that those who clamor loudly against this topic do not get the ridiculousness of the massive cost increase.
  12. I believe the 2 servers they have now are super servers that are capable of very large capacity of players. I know a few MMOs like SWTOR have done this. Its more cost effective and financially better for operation costs. The need for 'new' servers probably won't happen until such time the two they have now are consistently at or new capacity over a period of time for them to even begin to consider doing so.
  13. @Hime Will Bloodlust developers ever allow players to craft the two different Sojos (Dokkaebi & Imperial) for personal (BoA) use or players as they do with other charms and food? If this hasn't been brought up before, can you put forward the suggestion to make it available?
  14. This is what I called you out about. See above. Because he and others, like myself, choose to do so. NCSOFT/NCWest choose to penalize the entire player base with their money sink methodology in their mailing system.
  15. Ah yes, deflection. You're answer is what I expected. You have no right to tell anyone how to play this game. You want to post your opinion, do so, but to insinuate that players must play a certain way, nope.
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