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  1. That is not the Issue my friend, there are alot of companies who introduce a more stronger and reliable versions of their games, example like Dota -> Dota 2, Another example Black Desert -> Black Desert Online remastered, etc. If Ncsoft going to stick with the 2012 version of Blade & Soul, then it is sad to say (Rest In Peace) Blade and Soul, before they even have the chance to release UE4, and let's talk about UE4 for example, they are SOOOO late that Epic Games are Introducing UE5, there is so little hope for this game to recover from what Ncsoft did and still doing.
  2. Major point: if you got nothing good and constructive to say then say nothing my friend, 1- Self explained. 2- There is a Training Room but there is no Simulations for (Weapons Spec / Badge Spec / Soul Badge Spec / Soul Shield / Acc / etc.) to TEST Damage / Smoothness / Playability before going ALL in into one Path (Wind/Earth/Shadow/3rd spec/etc.). 3- Because when you start a game you give a lot of stuff free but after a year or two you start sucking money from your customers, yeah makes sense. 4- Then that makes them racists for not caring abou
  3. 1- NcWest never Acknowledge Veteran players who played the game for a long time. (4 Years for my Example). 2- You do not have Test Rooms for Specs (weapons etc.). 3- Introduce Pay to Win (Pay to Progress) Events, what happened to the Old Fun and Free events? 4- Bad Servers, with Horrible MS (Ping). 5- THE WORST game optimization in History of Video games. 6- HORRIBLE rewards from playing the game. 7- AWFUL matchmaking System (IF ANY AT ALL) 8- F8 "Cross Server" OUTDATED system. 9- ATROCIOUS Loading screens.
  4. deep thinking mate, I don't post general ideas, I post deep ideas that got reasons, background, and foundation, Matchmaking with the number of runs will make veteran players find expert players fast and easy while forcing the new players to go learn the damn dungeons instead of joining blindly like what happened to me for like million times, it is NOT my job to babysit players and teach them the mechanics, google and youtube are there and they should learn by them selfs, I can teach a couple of players in a week or so, but NOT EVERYDAY. Did you read what I said?, all I SUGGESTED is
  5. Hello and Welcome everyone, I got plenty of things to talk about on the game and show you what I have noted so far and I know this feedback will go to the void or be dumbed in the Bin so this is my list of suggestion, notes, and bugs: ------- Suggestions: Matchmaking Linked to Dungeon Runs. Context?: Matchmaking would be Super Efficient if it was linked with the number of runs the person made, it will make the new players (or the veteran players but with new Classes) learn and test the dungeon, and help the veteran players find dungeons faster.
  6. Too many NPC in one area kills FPS, it is really not a rocket science, got it now?
  7. Hello there everyone, I will go straight to the point, there is way too many NPC in Outlaw Island that got no effect or direct connection to the fight in that solo dungeon, please I only ask that you remove them or at least reduce their number. PS: too many NPC = FPS dead
  8. let's hope we don't have to do that again, and wait for NCsoft to respond.
  9. Hello everyone, so I will go straight to the point, the UI in the game kills the FPS around 40-45 FPS - this is what I did while I was in Mushin tower: 1- max graphics 2- disable other players characters (( at this rate FPS is around 60-70 FPS )) 3- remove some of the UI (Ctrl+X once) (( now FPS around 85-95 FPS )) 4- remove all UI from screen (Ctrl+X twice) (( and finally the FPS is around 100-110 )) note: I would insert images but I don't know how!
  10. I am not angry, I am speaking truth, if no one got anything good to say then don't talk, you aint solving the fking problem shiittalking the company, support the people who work on making your favorite game run.
  11. can't compare two diffrent regons.
  12. you didn't pay to play, you paid to access certain functions in game, the game is FTP.
  13. but can they afford the risk of fixing that??
  14. to everyone crying about this, I want to see you make your own server that thousands of people play everyday, then shiit talk NCSoft, if you have nothing nice to say then don't say NOTHING, plus let's be real none of us will leave this amazing game, unless you are planning to go to korea or something.
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