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  1. is the server stable?

    tnx Eckin it helps
  2. is the server stable?

    nah i got mine 2years ago and i dont have many file yet so mine dont have problem i hope ... guys im from phil. do this game got nice signal from here T_T i think thats ma prob ^_^
  3. is the server stable?

    :'( sadddddddd but is it playable rightnow? damn truth really hurts :'( i wanna live in anime world right now if i could :( BDW are in game?
  4. is the server stable?

    hello guys is this game stable? guys just asking here :) HOw often is the server down or wat time is the server not functioning well . can i look forward in this awesome game? cuz just watchung on the youtube makes my blood boil . :D hope it wont let down my expectation ^_^..
  5. hoping for help about class char.

    damn this really help ill try warlock then .. :) tnx dude :)
  6. hoping for help about class char.

    :) tnx is kung fu master hard?
  7. guys for your own opinion what's the class so far yet easy to handle ..im about to play the game later still downloading .. Any suggestion , woudld help me alot .. tnx in advance se you in game Later...