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  1. Nothing of the above either, and the repair button is grayed out
  2. Sooooo, yeaa.... i think some people have had this problem. It occurs on launch and prevents the game from starting. I tried a lot of things i found on the internet, nothing seamed to work. I read that it has something to do with "Razer Synapse" and that i need to uninstall it for the game to launch, i tried simply closing it and it still didnt work. I just think its ridiculous that u need to remove a keyboard aesthetic lightning from your system for the sole purpose of playing the game. << IF that is true and its because of Razer Synapse, is there a way arround it? And if no, does anyone know the solution to this problem? :/
  3. they probably should either increase the visual animation for his spin or decrease its range, i keep getting hit even though im miles away, also for some reason they actually manage to break me from stealth while basic attacking in front of them... when im behind them... its driving me nuts
  4. so they cant spin a knockdown?
  5. Unlimited stun breaks, they can hit basic attack even behind them, their spins range is longer than the visual animation, enormous damage boost ability, and every annoying thing this game needs... Just how the hell are u suppose to face that in pvp i dont understand... And as u people probably can tell i play Sin, and i... just... cant... I feel my heart is gonna *cricket*ing burst everytime i lose against a destroyer, i cant do jack shit... they just drain out ur focus and ur left with either trying to get close to them to regain it and/or getting shit over. The only match ups i managed to win are against some bad destroyers, otherwise 0% chance. Like wth am i suppose to do to actually win (Have a chance more rightly said) in this match up? i tried kiting many times, still cant figure it out :(