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  1. I dont want to be rude, but... Heeey kids, can u understand that VT is a top content? You can't even understand the meaning of this.
    Top content is a challange with high requirments, where you must prove yourself, to get TOP Gear. It is not Naksun Farm or something like that.
    You need full BT gear for VT (if u want to do it easy).
    I'm just smiling when i see how kids complaining "I want to play 1 hour per day and i want ALL THE STUFF IN GAME, and I really  want to do nothing for this"
    I hope Koreans will do more and more very dificult dungeons and raids.

  2. Hi guys =)             
                Ok, gunner was confirmed. And we still have an old problem. Many of us already bored of main character, and many of us tried hard to transfer most expensive items, and.... many tickets were rejected. I said 'many', cuz i know that some ppl had succefully transfered items from one character to another. I hope it will be not a new for You, right?

    ----------So, lets have a look closer. Most expensive items are: Soul, Jewelry (BT jewelry, Badges etc.), Feathers, i'm wont telling about weapon or SS or bracelet, as for me they are not such expensive. 
    We spent months and months to get our BT jewelry (who was out of luck will understand me), Soul just devoured tonns of gold and time, and someone already has Vortex Temple items..

                So, my offer is very simple- Class change voucher one time buying per account. Is it simple? You can buy it just once, i think one time per 2 years it isn't bad..
    And all your items will be transfered to new class items. Even not all, it will be much better than making second Soul and grind BT (yes... nice grind once per week) for feathers.

    ----------So dear NCWEST, would You help us with this?

    (Exuse me for my english, i know...)

  3.      I made 120 runs after "Increase drop rate patch" started, and no necklace.  My friend has made 330 runs, and only one necklace. Just think about it. 330 RUNS- its 110 HOURS, AND ONLY ONE NECKLACE. Its not funny, rly.... not funny. Drop rate was increased? Dont think so...

        We need another way to obtain it, for exmpl, put Draken Neck to Achive merchant, for "100 run Achive" and 100 gold (or higher).   Or we need rly higher chance to get it..

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