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  1. I dont want to be rude, but... Heeey kids, can u understand that VT is a top content? You can't even understand the meaning of this. Top content is a challange with high requirments, where you must prove yourself, to get TOP Gear. It is not Naksun Farm or something like that. You need full BT gear for VT (if u want to do it easy). I'm just smiling when i see how kids complaining "I want to play 1 hour per day and i want ALL THE STUFF IN GAME, and I really want to do nothing for this" I hope Koreans will do more and more very dificult dungeons and raids.
  2. Totally agree with Dad, too many crababies in our days.
  3. Hello. Problem is that i can't switch beetween 32 and 64bit client. Button is not active for me. Maybe someone know how to solve this?
  4. Ok, u are not satisfied, soooo what can u offer to devs? Or u can complain only? What's the point to complain without offers how to improve the game?
  5. It is literally waste of time to make topics like that. Do u think u can change something with topic like that?
  6. I'm agree, as i said before that Weapon and Bracelet or etc it isnt a problem. But yes, Raven feathers, Soul, Pet, would be nice to see them account bound. But, another side of this medal is, it will be rly bad to see some alts with Soul or Unleashed pet, for exmpl on BG. I guess, Sealed Charms also could be a good idea.
  7. Need to understand one thing. Game went too far, and items much expensive now. Some localizations have this item.
  8. Hi guys =) Ok, gunner was confirmed. And we still have an old problem. Many of us already bored of main character, and many of us tried hard to transfer most expensive items, and.... many tickets were rejected. I said 'many', cuz i know that some ppl had succefully transfered items from one character to another. I hope it will be not a new for You, right? ----------So, lets have a look closer. Most expensive items are: Soul, Jewelry (BT jewelry, Badges etc.), Feathers, i'm wont telling about weapon or SS or bracelet, as for me they are not such expensive. We sp
  9. Your topic is very interesting.. what do u mean? Who wants u to gear up? Randoms? Devs? Who? Pls more information..
  10. [removed non-Blade & Soul images]
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