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  1. The enforcer/exemplar badge says "35% boss AP per stack" while it's just +35 boss AP
  2. Still zero communication about this massive mess up, no explanation why they did a flat upgrade on cost of ET weapon, and made a fake sheet for GC cost before upgrade, making people wait it to upgrade thinkin it will be cheaper, then completely change the cost of it on actual patch day making upgrading impossible for them.
  3. Demand is infinite, this is a never ending upgrading game (alts, hi), supply is not , cause time is not. Price doubled, wont go down any soon. Update is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Refer my first post to see who really benefit from it. Market wont ever be flooded more than it was. 24h timer for stones never been a supply blocker. True whales will use mats for personal use not for refilling market (HM charms, which is an infinite mats sink, and was regulate by so said timer on it, now they can go 100% whale on it and eat most supply, which ofc, up the price for people who need mats for upgrade, which,
  4. @Grimoir are u gettin paid to troll on every single post ? This is not an answer u gave, just random rl economic picture that doesnt apply ingame and u try make believe it's related The question is WHY they do that, no one asked for this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. The craft change made a huge increase of price in basic material, and crafted material. Who benefit from this update ? People who dont care about gold and just want to max everything instantly -> turbo whales funding servers (xp charms) People who dont use mats to upgrade their gear but to sell -> gold sellers
  5. With your white knight passive i'm not even sure you're been ironic. More mats, less stones > nerf, who cares about the time of crafting.
  6. This is cost upgrade for all path, raid path got premium stone removed , replaced by crazy amount of trans stone (which pirce has doubled with nerf in crafting), and pve path switching to raid path has insane amount of PTS needed now, makin the reducing worthless. And ofc ninja change with fake info communicated before the actual update.
  7. Another joke reduction , now with this unexpected change, even GC get more expensive than before to do. (cause nerf in crafting stone, price doubled already)
  8. Do u have any source for this ? cause i already made few tickets on support (friendlist bugged since 6+ months) and the usual answer is : We apologize since we're taking a lot of time but rest assured that the team is doing its best to solve the issue. Unfortunately, we are unable to wipe your friendlist due to limitation of our tools.
  9. It's been some months that we now have ET raid, TT is old content, we have full set of dungeon accessories also, so when are u goin to make : GC wings and steels account bound Onyx Scales and fragments account bound Achievement required for TSM/DST/BC down to 10 instead of 100 TT weapon account bound (?) And on another level, less tokens for Mao neck (25 is still wtf, it was 5 for bracelet just before, and bracelet is still BiS for all, while neck isnt) and INCREASED MAO GLOVES DROP RATE !! (i have character who farmed her 25 tokens for neck and didnt get any gloves like
  10. Holiday Wreath Nebula Stone is suposed to be usable to reduce aransu upgrade cost but it doesnt appear in the choice when u try to upgrade an aransu weapon https://i.ibb.co/fX2z781/holidayaransustone.jpg
  11. You need 12 crafted item to open chest, which can be sold about 15g on F5, + 5g for transmuting chest. If u dont get a jewel, you lost gold on the event. Plus the time used where u could have farm something better. That and the fact the title (which was relevant last year, not anymore, AP is not relevant anymore, and anyway whale got +25 one , and other can free farm the +15 one now if they want) cost THIRTY OF EACH item makes it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ event, as always since some time now.
  12. Another shitty event to skip, that rework is terrible. Worst part imo is, 200g+ for an old "alt" title that was good and almost free last year, and is today irrelevant and expensive. Not to mention the cost and time used on regular boxes, unless the jewels drop rate in kid box is over 50% its not even worth to do it on alts. (and even, the time invested doin daily challenge on alt could be better used if it's not the cs+bassin+f20/toi one). The elder one have the GC steel /wing bait, still waitin to see the drop rate but i dont have great hopes. It just dosent look like an event, events u
  13. I'm really thankful to NCSoft for that event. Half of events should be like that. It's so crap i can skip it without triggering my gaming addiction, and i have a lot more freetime now !
  14. Definitely a lie. 100 runs 0 bundles, it's the first time ever it happens to me,and i farmed tons of them. I'd say it went from 5% to something under 1% Also i noted, the new box now require 2 tokens instead of 1 on last event to get the 10x moonstone crystal bundle, 260NCoin for 10 moonstone, definitely not worth it. NCsoft is well aware of moonstone being the main problem of people upgrading gear, making fake "help new players" changes, while preventing them from getting decent stuff and keep them on the BT level . It's a 2 years old content. You used to be able to play this
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