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  1. So, I have been making pfp's for myself lately. I will post some examples below. I was thinking I would train on other's pictures, so maybe the first 3 people that'd like one will get one. As long as I get pictures where you can easily spot and outline the character, then it's fine! ^^ https://imgur.com/a/w99HLI7 Original screenshots https://imgur.com/a/Vwa78MP
  2. Finally got my bf into BnS ! Also met this nice girl who is now a new friend of mine :D -Still thinking about removing the blindfold.
  3. May I have some opinions ? :3 I am currently working on this gon, but I am not sure if I should change anything. ^^
  4. Yeah, lol. I rarely see normal bodies on Yun.
  5. I just love the gunslinger ! I am bad at creating Yun chars, so I made jin.
  6. Well, this is my gunner ! Decided to go for a Jin ^^
  7. Just making a male jin, but I cant decide which hairstyle I should use. What do you guys think ? xD
  8. I just love my lyn ^^ <3 This new otufit is just so great and it fits her so much haha 'w '
  9. I just made this cutie ! And I am totally lovin' her .w .
  10. And this is my destroyer I made yesterday x3
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