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  1. and cant bound item :( ıknow fawless items full bound item but aquamarine gem cant bound . I send mail 20 hour ago but supports silent . Blade and soul supports Sleeping . ! ! !
  2. Have Account block buq ?

    account has been locket ? WTFK ım not hacker not botter not spammer why to me ? WTFKK ... NcSOFT Please HELP!
  3. please delete WARLOCK class, I think.! because it makes no sense bi. All skill perpetrators. i do not escape skills. 36 seconds the reset bi-ski. Force masters never cut since b shield does not work. 1 time got away from the blade dancer capture skills Zealand 12 thought then again I'il keep the arena in no way be useless. tag does not work because it is a skill in maçlarında hits in 3 seconds. You've already had time to 5 seconds. Warlock class balance scandal case. I wonder why no one warlock first 50 to 1? I do not have in Korea, as well as optimization in .oy playback twin servers, no character balancing, full PvP 1700+ Kfm boots. comedy ......
  4. guys bad game guard system . bad support system. arena full kfm bot .... never kill KFM 1900+
  5. Failed to connect to server?

    why ? account ban ? same eror code 200 . İn windrest