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  1. its egoistic because All People Should have the same Costs and not 55 Ores more for the same Upgrade.
  2. its Egoistic to say you can change it and 90% of the people can not upgrade for this costs and need to wait 13 Weeks.
  3. That is not the Point. All People should have the same costs and not only 10%. So Increase the Costs for the Weapon from 6 too 9.
  4. All People should have the same Costs and not only 10% of the Community.
  5. You think we get an Update for this? They ignore this Thread and Change the costs and do nothing. Because the Answer from Support is: We can not Change Updates it is so intended by the developer. If we want to Change something we need to write all Tickets until they Change it. Otherwise they Ignore us and hope we keep cashing in, so nothing has changed for NC.
  6. there should only be 50 or 100 points difference between the players. 150 points are too much
  7. The second Problem is you get only 12 or 13 points each game in high ranking and if you abuse a lower guy with 100 or more points lower then your self then you get 25 points or more and it´s not fair to play in the same ranking and get punished for that.
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