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  1. TBH they could easily change the CDR to Helix on VT badge to buff Salvo instead. Wouldn't make things unbalanced at all. In fact it might even fix that gap :)
  2. Actually I went up in dps. Not sure what they changed, but I gained almost 40k dps. I am a Riftwalk user though, so no raven/aransu.
  3. So, which badge should a shadow gunner start out with these days, and how should one evolve it later on? Any switches in between?
  4. Could you please reset my Skybreak Spire counter. Cleraly I never finished it, cause I would have the achievements for the bosses if so. https://imgur.com/a/HLmH4 Unable to insert media so check the link for image proof.
  5. Why does dragon look better for fire build?
  6. They kinda did break WLs and make us depend on SB for our own dmg.as well now. Also finally they confirmed the fact that shadow build was stronger than ice pve as well. Quite annoying since it depended on good ping and skill to get up and above. Really doesnt make sense to nerf both helix and salvo, just to buff both during sb. Great buff for our wingstorm no doubt, but still they pretty much changed shadow to be more like ice now. Standing still spamming during effects. Sad day for all shadow wls.
  7. No more skilltrees :P
  8. If you're moving around you're not using Bombardment and that's fine either way. You can switch pos, then spam some more, then switch pos and spam more. You can never move around when you use Bombardment and Dragoncall. And the little you do move around is also very predictable which makes ice useless in PvP. Whatever it is you're feeling you're doing, you clearly haven't tried the other. Proper shadow rotations will both outmaneuver you and outdps you. You simply have to find comfort in the fact that not a lot of shadow WLs can do this properly for a various number of reasons. In the end, it'
  9. ow takes little more practice and timing (especially getting that salvo out), but is also much more fun IMO. You'll always end up with a pause for about 6 seconds with ice. Dark still has its rotation that will do good damage in the periods you are referring to. Also with the new leech badge merged with helix shadow build will basically use leech, then RMB -> 4 -> RMB -> 4 -> F infinite. The breaks will be for SB, which will lead straight back to Leech and over agian. Bombardment, even when insta-casted will still stop you when you're moving. This makes it very ineffec
  10. Considering how much stronger Helix/Salvo build can be if done correct, this is just a good thing.
  11. Helix was always better, but takes a lot to master the rotations since they're more flexible and you'll be moving around a lot. Helix badge, "the siphon duration on F" badge (need that mix item that apparently is coming soon) and mystic Salvo badge will make it easier to keep putting out damage. Ice might beat a shadow WL the first minute of casting, but cant keep up when their spam window is over. Also ice wl has to stand still and spam to be effective. Running around lowers their DPS so much theyre barely worth playing at all. Shadow is mobile always, and can always adjust.
  12. Yup this is a huge nerf and disables a LOT of shadow players. However when done right, Mantra is more than enough to hold your focus up
  13. This guy above here, just no! You gotta split PvP and PvE. PvP is intuitive and you gotta use your head. There are no rules here so try and fail is your teacher. Aircombo can be specced on your 2 and thrall however you want. PvE, you wanna start with V. Every hit charges a 4 so use 4 when its up. Your RMB will need a charge as well which takes 1 second after first cast. In between this use your F and your 4, then RMB for a salvo hit. A new Helix will be charged for each Salvo hit with the helix badge (get that asap). When leech is up and you have the helix badge, you instacast V, then
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